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Top.2 Otf In.Position

5,5.game .strdel to 10, weak players seems like, but they unkown to me
I limp on the btn with AxJ78sss after 5 limps,flop is J57hh sb pot 60, 3 players calls , i have 400
What to.do? If i call every turn.is bad for.me, shove.fold?


  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Holy shit this is like a robo hand. Please use proper sentences.
  • Stovall13@hotmail.com[email protected] Posts: 798Subscriber
    The SB leading into this field shows a lot of strength. I would generally expect one of the field players to raise with a set (perhaps not bottom set) so I slant their range to draws. Of course this board is very draw heavy.

    I think you could fold here to minimize variance and not be making a big mistake. But, I prefer to call with my position and see what develops on the turn. You're getting 5:1 on a call, so you are basically getting odds to draw to an A, J, 7, or 2. Plus, you may be able to bluff with your position on certain runouts.
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