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Thin river value w/ 2nd pair?

GarlandGarland Posts: 519Subscriber
Location: Matrix Casino in San Jose, CA
Stakes: $2/$3/$5, $600 max (Effective $600)

Loose passive villains in this game:

Pre-flop ($10) - Eight handed, I make a loose open to $20 UTG+1 with Q T, HJ and Button call. All others fold.

Flop ($65 - 3 players) - K T 3 :s: xxx

Turn ($65 - 3 players) - 4 I bet $30, both call.

River ($155 - 3 players) - 7 Bet? If so, how much?


  • alecspadealecspade Posts: 78Subscriber
    Way too thin, especially multi-way. I feel like betting here would be to prevent us from being bluffed. I can't see how one of these guys doesn't have a King here a ton. Only draw is QJ that we block. This should definitely be a check/eval. I would be surprised if a King even bets this river.
  • MmumfordMmumford Posts: 39Subscriber
    I don't mind opening suited broadways from this position preflop but I believe I have an edge at small stakes. I agree with the flop check at these stakes especially because so many people are playing offsuit broadway hands for raises. When both players check the flop it seems unlikely that they can have a king, BUT given this is a loose passive game and such a dry board has come out, I think that these players have at least some frequency of checking back a king, especially small suited ones. The turn is somewhat close but I do prefer a smallish bet which is what you did. When both players call I think someone has you beat and someone has a draw a lot of the time. Some of the time it may be that you have both players beat, and some of the time both players could have draws. For these reasons I think a check on the river is prudent because I don't think you have the best hand and can be called by worse more than 50-60% of the time.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 519Subscriber

    I tried to bet small enough, $50 trying to get paid by worse 2nd pair. I got called by HJ with K 9. Value owned.
  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Check river. Pre is standard open don't listen to nits.
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