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5 Fun Hands from the East Coast...Day 1

GarlandGarland Posts: 525Subscriber
edited April 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Visiting the East Coast. First stop: Maryland Live!
Stakes $2/$5, $1000 max

Some hands have more entertainment value than strategy, but all comments welcome...

Hand 1:
Effective stacks $675. Players fairly loose passive in this hand.
Preflop ($7): MP !$15, LJ calls, button calls, I in SB 3! $75 with A K, BB folds and all others call:
Flop ($305): A :s: 4 4 I bet $100...

Hand 2 (this hand has a twist I'll reveal in the results):
Effective stacks $900. Players loose passive
Preflop ($7): UTG+1 !15, 2 field callers (HJ & CO), I call in SB with 6 6.
Flop ($65): 9 9 5 I check, UTG+1 checks, HJ bets $40, CO folds, I call, UTG+1 folds.
Turn ($145). 2 :s: xx
River ($145). K :s: I bet $45.

Hand 3:
Effective stacks: $745. Players loose passive.
Preflop ($7): MP !$20, 2 field callers (HJ & CO), I in SB 3! $120 with Q :s: Q. BB folds, MP calls, HJ folds, CO calls.
Flop ($385): T 7 :s: 5 :s:. I bet $175, both MP & CO call.
Turn ($910): 6. I move in for $450...

Hand 4:
Effective stacks: $2400. Players loose passive. MP is old man, but not quite OMC as he is pretty loose.

Preflop ($7): I UTG !$20 with K K :s:, MP calls, BB calls.
Flop ($62): T :s: 9 3 :s:. BB checks, I bet $35, MP and BB call.
Turn ($167) 3. I bet $60, MP !$125, BB folds, I call??
River ($417) Q. I check, MP bets $225, I ???

Hand 5:
Preflop ($7): loose extreme passive LJ ($900) limps (limps 50% of hands and never raises), I ($2000) isolate $25 with 7 6 on button, BB ($2500) and LJ calls:
Flop ($77): A 9 5 xx I bet $30, both call.
Turn ($167): 7 :s: xxx
River ($167): 6 x LJ bets $45, I call


  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    Hand 1: Size larger preflop. $90-$100. Super dry flop with 3 players. I think I aim for the other aces, as villain making second pair on this turn might still not pay that much. $130-$150 on the flop.

    Hand 2: I might actually fold this on the flop, even if it seems super weak and exploitable. UTG+1 still left to act behind. You don't hold the 6 so if you need an out, you only have 1. On the river, I'm not sure why you bet.

    Hand 3: ...I really don't know. Good sizing preflop. I really don't know about the flop. You're OOP versus 2 players in a 3bet pot. This flop hit their range way better than yours. I think I might check this flop, but I can't be sure that's the right way. The 6 on the turn sucks. 89 gets there. 56 and 67 get there. 2 flush draws now. I can't see being called on this turn by a player you beat by much.

    Hand 4: $45 on this flop. Super draw heavy and if the players are passive, I'm not worried about being blown off if they semi-bluff. On the turn, size up again. Maybe $100. AP, call. On this river, AP, check-call. Semi-bluffs might think they are betting for value now. You beat QT, Q9, KQ, QJ, all of which may take a line like this. And the flush did not get there. I think you lose some of the time, but you're getting 2.5 to 1.

    Hand 5: Wouldn't isolate in this spot. Sort of unnecessary. I like the flop bet. Continue on this turn, though. $90. You have something of a range advantage and AJ and AT will have to fold to a lot of large river bets. I think you can fold this river AP. BB left to act behind you, LJ/CO (you labelled him both) is super loose passive and got to see this river for free.
    Thanked by 1+AV
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 525Subscriber
    edited April 2019
    Fixed Hand 5 label for LJ, thanks. Can you please reread hand 2? 6 would make me full.

  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 172Subscriber
    Garland wrote: »
    Fixed Hand 5 label for LJ, thanks. Can you please reread hand 2? 6 would make me full.

    We need roughly 20x in order to peel with an underpair for set value, assuming we can get paid when we hit. I think that might be a little too optimistic here.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    Ha! @Garland. You're right, full houses beat a lot of other hands here. I don't think it changes my thoughts on the hand in any case.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 525Subscriber
    Sorry for the delay in results. Been busy and catching up!
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    Hand 1: Pre-Flop: I don't necessarily go with conventional 4x + limpers from OOP with my stack size, and I don't mind a little action with my hand.

    My flop bet was designed to get 3-streets from any A x via betting $100, $200, $300. My initial small bet of $100 was targeting stubborn pocket pairs to call one time.

    Result: Everyone folded.

    Hand 2: I fully admit I might have a leak with pocket pairs where the flop comes XXY, where my pocket can beat the Y and I call a bet from a late position player who wasn't the pre-flop aggressor.

    Twist is, dealer dealt the river pre-maturely and I bet $55 thinking that HJ checked behind. My river bet was attempting to get thin value from 5x hands.

    Result: Floor was called over and dealer pulled the river card out, and HJ was given the opportunity to bet, and he bet $125, and I folded. HJ flashed the 9.

    Hand 3: I thought I could get called by T or spades. I can't worry about monsters in the dark because I could easily be going against something like 86s or 64s where they may call with a straight draw that picked up a pair.

    Result: I was called in both spots as they both turned 2 pair with 6 5 and 6 5. I rivered a Q to suck out on both of them.

    Hand 4: I could definitely bet bigger on my flop. The turn was a particularly nice card as one pair hands without an A only have 2 outs and QJ only has 4. My small betting on the turn wants to keep QJ in the hand as I could get paid with a river Q or J and get a potentially monster payoff if the K comes. I could also get paid by many two pair hands on the river.

    Results: I called river and was shown A A :s: and lost.

    Hand 5: I wanted to get heads up against the weak player on the button. It was definitely a questionable play pre-flop.

    Turn: Didn't want to bluff into 2 opponents. Wanted free card with position.

    Results: I called, BB folds, LJ shows J :s: 9 :s: and I pick off a bluff.
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