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3/5 $725eff, original raiser donks in 3b! pot and barrels off on 7778J

$3/$5, Friday afternoon casino game. Bunch of regs and 2 recs.

Live intangibles/meta-game:
Villain and H both regs who play almost every day and we are aware of each other. V knows H often plays $2/$3 and takes shots at $3/$5. V is aware H is in the game for $1200 after having been stacked for $600 about 20min ago. H and V haven't played any significant pots vs each other. V seems to play like a typical reg but possibly slightly more aggressive than most post-flop.

8 handed, Passive lady-reg open limp MP1, Villain $20 from CO,
H ($725eff) BU Q :s: Q 3b! $65, the blinds fold, the lady limp-call, and CO quickly call,

($196) 7 7 7 :s:

Lady x and V quickly donk $80,
H call, lady f,

($356) 7 7 7 :s: 8

V quickly $150, H c

($656) 7 7 7 :s: 8 J :s:

V quickly all in $425, H ?

V almost certainly isn't the type to turn hands like pocket 66 into a bluff with this line...

Folding the turn seems pretty weak. Is this a good spot to play 5th-st-chicken? Thanks for your thoughts!


  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    Snap call.
  • PotLuckNeededPotLuckNeeded Posts: 59Subscriber, Professional
    No hesitation, call.
  • ChaseSpellChaseSpell Posts: 183Subscriber
    @0back2 , @PotLuckNeeded ,

    Why is this a snap call? It seems like we don't beat any hands that the V is repping. Do you think he is overplaying something? Also, the V seems unlikely to be bluffing otr because of perceived range. He knows I have all the JJ-AA in my range. What is he trying to get me to fold? An overpair? What bluffs does he have where he starts with a donk on the flop? I think it's very unlikely he is turning a hand like 66 or TT into a bluff with this line. The range of hands we lose to is narrow (at most 3 combos 88, 3 combos JJ, 7d6d, 7d9d, Ad7d, maybe Kd7d, and maybe a few others), but what do we beat?

    I can see him having 66 or TT with the turn $150, but I can't see him jamming river with those hands. That's why I was thinking this seems like a good spot to play 5th-st-chicken.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited March 2019
    There’s a chance V hit a bigger boat on turn or river or he just flatted a bigger pair pre, but I think you are too high up in your range to fold to this sizing. Def a call.
  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Never ever folding.
  • rappcity15rappcity15 Posts: 40Subscriber
    snap call. V is always 4betting KK and AA pre with the lady overcalling. No one ever donks with quads on the flop. There should never be a donk range on this board texture. Players play very strange at this level. V most likely has a pocket pair and he is putting you on AK so he doesn't want to give you a free card. OTR, sure 88 and JJ beat you now, but I've seen villians make bets on the river with marginal hands (in this hand 66,77,TT) because they don't want to check and get bluffed off their hand. Its just always a call IMHO.
  • philcphilc Posts: 19Subscriber, Professional
    He probably has a lot of 88/99/TT/JJ, you're getting 2.5-1 and there are only 6 combos of 88/JJ that beat you so he only needs to be bluffing or overplaying with like 2-3 combos for this to be profitable, which I think could happen easily with his 16 combos of 99/TT, not to mention other random bluffs. But I guess that assumes he doesn't play quads like this, if he does then he could have like 5-6 7X hands too which means hed have to bluff/overplay like this 5-6 combos of hands. And I guess if he's a total nit then of course you can fold because you're right, definitely looks like you're gonna call down. I just think these guys spazz out too much to fold this kind of hand when there are so few hands beating you. Against the average 3-5 player I'd snap call
    Thanked by 1hustlin
  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 366Subscriber
    edited April 2019
    Snap calling. Please don’t have 88 lol.

    Looks like a small pair like 33-66 bluffing his full house,
    Or like overplayed 99-JJ.
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