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1-2NL $200 Cap AA UTG2 w/$250 effective Loose Home Game

Weekly home game filled with lots of action. I am the youngest player in the game by 10+ years as most players are in their 50s with little or no live casino play.

Hero arrived late to the game and has been playing for 30 minutes with the effective stack. I am in MP2 with Ad Ac

UTG limps, Hero UTG1 calls 2
- every pot has been raised preflop with 3 LAGs behind yet to act
- this will be a 3Bet pot

MP2 OMC raises to $10, CO, BTN, SB, BB all call

$55 in the middle with action on hero.

In reviewing the hand, trying to figure out the correct amount to bet here to thin the field. In this game, it is not uncommon for multiple players to call $30 preflop and then have this go multi way to the flop.

I end up making a raise to $100 and everyone folds.

Looking back on the hand, I think $75 or a shove to $240 would have been a better play. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as we are all trying to improve our game and win rates.


  • GarlandGarland Posts: 524Subscriber
    edited March 2019
    The raise to $100 is way over a pot sized bet, and I don't doubt everyone would fold when you bet about 40% of your stack. With your stack size, you don't really need to over charge them, you need to think about how to get them to put money in the pot and have them see a flop.

    You can play this a number of ways:
    (1) You can attempt to narrow the field to 1 or 2 with a re-raise to $50-$60.
    (2) You can re-raise to something silly like $30 as you suggested for multi-way action, essentially letting everyone see the flop. Obviously there is more risk here, but the reward is also greater.

    In either case, you would be going all-in on the flop and hoping someone flopped one pair or a draw to call you down.
  • FloydBFloydB Posts: 12Subscriber
    Raising to $50 I think is best. Not a fan of a straight shove, you're going to fold out all the hands you're beating in hopes someone is a non believer. Getting called in 4 or 5 spots with aces sounds yuck, wouldn't recommend raising to $30 for that reason.
    Thanked by 1PokerIlluminati
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