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Humble brag? I was in the Bellagio Poker Room tonite when it got robbed...

SonnySonny Posts: 390Subscriber
edited March 2019 in Low Content Forum
Probably should be in the LC forum... but I was playing tonite when the Bellagio poker room got robbed... again.

No one in the room noticed a thing til well after the robbery. Just goes to show that most Poker players aren't paying that close attention. Lol.

Very glad that the responding LVMPD officer who was shot, was wearing his body armor or he could have been seriously wounded or killed. The shootings took place in the Valet area away from the poker room.

Anyone else happen to be there tonite?


  • callmebkcallmebk Posts: 20Subscriber

    Read about the robbery this morning. Crazy it happened again, and also crazy that for the second time no one noticed. Lol. Glad no one was seriously injured.
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