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Does this bluff get through enough?

Jax1234Jax1234 Posts: 67Member
edited March 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
1/3 Seattle with a $300 max bet. I am the effective stack with $225. The villian is UTG.

Villian raises to $15. I call with Queen Jack from the hijack. Everyone folds.

Flop is 10 9 5 The villian bets $30. I call.

Turn is 9 The villian bets $40. I go all-in for my final $180.

My table image is that of a total nit. Is this a bluff that is worth making? The villian would need to call $140 into a pot of $310. Should I have just called the turn bet and saw a river card before deciding whether to bluff on the river as I would still have $140 left going to the river.


  • Jax1234Jax1234 Posts: 67Member
    The villian ended up tank calling me with queen queen :s: and I bricked the river.

    Was that a "good" call on the villian's part? She blocks flush draws and the most obvious straight draw. When I saw her hand, I was just surprised that my bluff did not get through as she blocked most bluffs. I thought my turn raise looked incredibly strong as well.
  • rappcity15rappcity15 Posts: 40Subscriber
    Your not repping too much when you raise the turn. J9s, 98s, 55, that's 7 combos of value. You have way more combo draws and Tx in your range getting to the turn here so I think V is gna bet/all an overpair a lot on the turn. You have $140 with $170 in the pot if you call turn. Its a perfect stack size to bluff diamonds when it comes, plus your sd outs. I like call turn.
    Thanked by 1neutron212
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,146Administrator, LeadPro
    When this guy bets again with this stack size, I would just take my equity and call. Unless he is a total spazz usually players wont double barrel this card with air. And you dont really have enough o get him off of an overpair or a T. Bart
  • GlennJonesGlennJones Posts: 176Subscriber
    Two things to add: (1) What does your hand look like to the villain when you shove the turn? There are straight and flush draws on the board. You hand is either a set/two pair or a draw. (2) Is villain capable of thinking at this level or is she just going with an overpair given stacks and pot size? What have you been able to observe of her behavior?
  • Chester DrafmanChester Drafman Posts: 36Subscriber
    Here is her analysis, “I has overpair. I call.”
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