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Am I playing these fast €20 live MTT's too tight?

PascalPascal Posts: 6Subscriber
edited March 2019 in Tournament Discussion
I just got called out by a guy at my table for not playing any hands.
The guy is someone who I think is a decent player.

The tournaments are €20 buy-in MTT's with usually around 50-70 people. They usually start at 20:00 and end about 5-8 hours later. The starting stacks are always 200bb or more, the tables are 9 handed, blind levels are between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the format that is being played.

Today's tournament was a 100k stack hyper tournament with blind levels of 10 minutes.
The starting blinds were 50/100 and after 2 hours, when I got knocked out the blinds were 1500/3000.

I think I played 4 or 5 hands during those 2 hours.
I'm sitting at tables were each hand has 3-4 players, either everyone is limping and calling or someone raises and all the limpers just call.
Since the table seems so loose to me, I'm trying to play tighter, trying to play a solid 15/10 or so game, with some more limping/calling when in late position with good drawing hands like small pairs and smaller suited connectors, while the stacks are still big compared to the blinds.

Is it normal for me to just slowly lose my stack in these tournaments?
I wait for good hands, which don't show up often, then face a lot of aggression, so if I don't hit, there's not much more to do right?
I don't feel like I should be bluffing against these players, but maybe I'm wrong?

I just recently started playing again, I've never been good enough to play a loose game, so I've always played tight.
Should I loosen up in these tournaments?
Any other good advice?


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    You're probably playing relatively fine, these are donkfests after all, but one thing to note is that you may not have as much experience playing 200BB deep. Early in these mtt's, when you're that deep, if you can limp in for 1 BB in LP that's an awesome investment. 0.5% of your stack to possibly double up with weak hands like T7o, even down to 53o OTB, you can't pass that up. So you should be much wider that 15% in LP early.

    Early there are lots of MW pots, you're right don't try and bluff there. Later on, in a HU pot, that's a diffferent animal.

    I think the biggest weakness for live MTT players is knoing when to get into push/fold mode. It's way earlier than 99% of the players in this pool think it is. Look up "MTT power numbers" for more info.
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