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The Grind Poker Podcast No.75: Poker Doesn't Owe You Anything and Thoughts on Private Games

CLP_CraigCLP_Craig Posts: 776Administrator
In episode 75, Rob gives his thoughts on the emergence of private games as well as how you never really know anyone in a casino.

Episode Posts at 11 AM PST.



  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 272Subscriber, Professional
    So much truth in what your saying there. In my daily 5/5 game refuse to be close buddies and talk strategy with this player pool. The reasons are for what you have stated.
    I prefer to use my energy being nice to the rec players, having them coming saying hi to me and wanting to play on my table
  • PotLuckNeededPotLuckNeeded Posts: 58Subscriber, Professional
    edited March 2019
    I've been very focused on getting into better and better private games 2-5 (some 5/10) over the last few months. Not to be a d*ck, but it reminds me of guys complaining that can't get into the club when they are rolling 4 guys deep... no value. I have a lot of thoughts on how to network, specifically in the local dealer network but I wanted to touch on the amenities you mentioned.

    At my typical Friday game:

    - Huge house
    - Quiet, themed LOTR poker room
    - Chill room with comfy couches to enjoy a drink
    - Full bar, endless redbulls to juices
    - Very cute dealers and massage girls
    - Catered food
    - Good mix of people, controlled invite
    - Uncapped buyin on their 1/3 and 2/5 table
    - 15 min from my house

    Why would I ever want to go back into the casino environment? I've played a lot of homegames over the last year, however, invite only at these nicer locations have me sold.

    As for the higher rake, I'm paying for all the items I listed above as a form of a better casino poker experience.