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1/2 Top Pair and draw, raise or flat?

292YBlock292YBlock Posts: 101Subscriber
edited February 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Main V has 125 to start hand, I have him covered
MP 1 limps, I'm in CO with QJ o and raise to 13, pretty much my standard open with 1 limper when I'm in late pos., SB calls.
(41-rake) Flop is 9 10 J, with two suited cards
MP1 now donk leads for 15...this is a spot I'm usually unsure how to play...we don't want to get blown off our hand, but taking the pot down now - with the worse case scenario being a call, given my equity, makes a raise seem like a good play? Thoughts? I'll put the outcome in the spoiler.
I decided to raise to 45..SB folds, MP 1 calls, then leads the bricked turn for his remaining 67 or so, so now it's 67 to me to win 198, I actually folded - realizing I'm almost never ahead and the pot odds don't work for a call if I have to hit one of my 8 outs, even then I could be chopping, or loosing, he did show J 10
A simple hand , but a spot that seems to come up often enough.


  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 184Subscriber
    Seems like you just jam all day here.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    When we are the pfr and face a donk lead otf from a rec player, we are facing top pair so so kicker or a draw at a very very high frequency. Bart covered this a few times in some of the older vids going back 1-2 years.

    On this flop texture, I think you are ahead quite often. I would raise to 40 with the intention of jamming most turn cards.
  • the_dude_abidesthe_dude_abides Posts: 331Subscriber
    I raise flop maybe 45 or so then jam turn on a brick or if I make a straight.
  • irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
    Any reads on this player, specifically regarding bet sizing? Some players bet small when strong & vice versa. With no reads, I tend to give their bets credit for what they appear to mean, i.e. weak means weak. A weak lead is usually a top pair type hand. The bad news is that we block top pair & every other top pair should have us crushed. Given there are a couple straights on this board I think he could be doing this with some 2 pair hands as well.
    I think it comes down to what amount of fold equity you think you have. We also have to consider that not all of our perceived outs are good. If you have a read that indicates you have some fold equity then I think shoving is fine, otherwise call. With these stacks I don't like making a raise that isn't an all in.
  • 292YBlock292YBlock Posts: 101Subscriber
    Re: reads, young guy, quiet, has played few hands - tight leaning. Is a shove the right play, are we getting better to fold or weaker to call?
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Normally I'd say this is a weak TP or 2nd pair type hand. The problem is that we have the absolute worst TP ourselves, and if we jam only worse hands fold anyways. I don't think we have to protect our equity cuz we're not that vunerable if we're ahead now. We're so shallow I won't fault a jam, but I can see just calling the flop an seeing what develops.
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