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KTo river top two and get 3-bet all-in

Aria $2/$5 $200 to $1000. Effective stack is $580.

Villain in this hand is a solid player and has me covered:

Hero in HJ raises first in to $20 with K T :s: Only SB calls.

Flop ($45) comes K 4 2 :s:. Check to me, I bet $35, SB calls.

Turn ($115) comes 7 :s: Checks to me, I check back.

River ($115) comes T SB bets $45, I raise to $175, SB moves in for my last $350...



  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    KTo is def a cusp hand to open from HJ. I could see opening with it in a very soft game. If the game has any solid players left to act tho, I would muck this by default.

    The flop is pretty dry so I would cbet a litte smaller. 20-25

    I like the check on turn. I dont think our hand is a hand we want to go 3 streets with.

    Tough spot on the river. I think you can fold this against a solid player. I dont see a lot of 3 bet river bluffs at 2/5 and I dont see many value combos we can beat here. If V was a weaker rec player, I still wouldnt love it, but I would have to call.

    Against a solid player with no history between you 2, I would fold.
  • GarlandGarland Posts: 525Subscriber
    edited February 2019
    I was actually small blind with 77. Agreed the flop bet was a bit much, but I made the incorrect call only to get full value when I spike my 2 outer :cool:. Just wondering if anyone can get away from it in villain's shoes. I guess so.
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