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$1-$2, $5 PLO - KKT7ds All-In Preflop vs. 3 Opponents

JohnnyBestJohnnyBest Posts: 33Subscriber
Playing late night at Jack's Casino Cincinnati. The table is playing very aggressively with a few regulars who are not that good. I am in the HJ with K K :s: T 7 :s:. A player, Yogi, is in MP1 and brings in it for a $10 min-raise. He has me covered with just over $1200. I have $500. There is caller in the LJ with $800 and I re-raise pot to $45. The BB with a stack of $1000 re-raises to $225. It gets back to Yogi who pots it to $900. The caller in the LJ goes all-in. I think for 30 seconds and call. I was fairly certain that one of my opponents held AAxx, but I thought that for the price I was getting and the loose nature of Yogi that my call was standard. Was this a good call?

The BB calls, and Yogi calls. Yogi had A A Q X. I didn't see what the other two had. I usually just flip my cards over when everyone is all-in so that I don't get accidentally mucked or misread my hand. Anyways, the flop comes J J 9. The turn came a 5 :s: , and the river came a 2 . I end up winning with the second nut flush. Just wanted to know if this is a good call before the flop, especially knowing that one of my opponents has AAxx.


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    you can use Pro poker tools to run equity sims. HU you have less that 40% vs AA. If you add 2 V's and give them 20% and 30% ranges you have just under 25% yourself. If they are tighter it probably doesn't look good for you.

  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    If it is a late night PLO Game, then there is probably some gambling going on. Let’s trust your read and give one of your opponents AA and the other two top 20% ranges. You have 24.5% equity versus those ranges 4way. Assuming no one is folding, you are getting laid 1550:445 meaning you need >22% to call. If the ranges are correct, you have the needed equity although it is a high variane spot.
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 328Subscriber
    Math checks out. Glad variance was in your favor Johnny!
  • oneuponeup Posts: 31Subscriber
    edited February 2019
    Yogi gets tighter as stacks get deeper. Pre and post. I’ve seen him spazz with some dumb hand for heap but rarely does it. I’d def go with your hands @ late night lineup especially yogi was bingo it up
  • Dab44Dab44 Posts: 411Subscriber
    I wouldn’t say it’s standard. Probably should fold actually since someone most definitely has AA....You’d rather not have a pair. KQJ9ds or somthing similar would be a lot better
  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 272Subscriber, Professional
    I’m probably just folding as this is a high variance spot to put yourself in. If the game is crazy you can find a better spot I feel
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