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JJ in HJ versus UTG raise and multiple callers

Been awhile since I've been on these forums.

Had to take a few months off from poker for personal reasons. Just started playing again.

Hero J J with $280 still from first buy-in of $300. Had been playing for about 45 minutes. Main Villain this hand has barely played anything and has me covered.

V raises to $22 from UTG, next three players all call, Hero from HJ?

Initial thought was to raise to $105 but if UTG jams on me I have great pot odds but obviously behind. Is flatting ok here even though it is bringing along 3 extra players? If I raise to say $105 and UTG flats, then the next three players have incredible pot odds as well.

I ended up just calling preflop since the UTG player had barely played 2 hands in 45 minutes. In my heart the 3! was the right play but made a decision based on UTG. Should I still be 3! then folding to his jam?

Appreciate the conversation about this.



  • GarlandGarland Posts: 518Subscriber
    Given your description of villain I certainly think you should call. You have position to evaluate different flops as the action reaches you. Villain will not likely bluff the flop into 4 opponents lightly. $105 is insufficient. If you're gonna 3 bet, then I think all-in is the most appropriate raise as anything less leaves you with an awkward stack size.
  • DaddyslapDaddyslap Posts: 110Subscriber
    Calling turns JJ into a set mine. While I understand you see this UTG open as super strong, I think you are putting too much weight into only seeing V open 2 hands in 45 minutes. Variance is a thing, and this guy might have been getting garbage and decided to open something like A10s or 66 utg.

    I'd 3b here, and your sizing of $105 looks great. Can argue a little smaller ($90-95), but it's good.

    The decision you'd have to make is to either go with it if jammed on from UTG or fold it, which can be argued either way. A fold to a re-jam should be considered which is why I recommend a slightly smaller sizing for the 3b. Vs decision to jam should be the same at $105 as it is at $90.
  • JLBJJLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    $22 is a large open at 2-3. I see some recs do this when they’re trying to protect big pairs.

    That large UTG open makes me lean toward calling. 3-betting is certainly fine, but it feels gross to raise a third of your stack with a good hand and fold to a jam, and I think we’re way behind his jamming range.

    I’d just take a flop here and see what happens.
  • StreetFighterStreetFighter Posts: 184Subscriber
    Calling JJ IP without really knowing anything about the opener seems fine. By flatting we might not be getting max equity from JJ, but a lot of 3! spots get really thin or turn into spew without a solid set of reads and good play to back them up. At low stakes no one has ever said...well i missed my one chance to 3! where I wasn't sure if it was for value or bluffing and that's the difference in winning or losing in this game.
  • kaboojiekaboojie Posts: 518Subscriber
    edited February 2019
    I understand that V appears tight and the large sizing could mean a bigger hand, but with the dead money in the pot, I think 3! is best. You will take it down pre enough for this to be profitable. I would like a larger bet, maybe 120. However, 105 is fine. Otherwise, you’re kinda commited post flop here if V flats the 3! and the board comes AKx.

    Because of the stack sizes, I would prob call off a 4! Good chance your behind, but you would need like 31% to call here. JJ vs AK, KK+ has 40%. Even if we take out half of the AKo hands, were still at 35% It might be a higher variance play, but I believe it’s still the best play.

  • hustlinhustlin Posts: 362Subscriber
    Very interstinv spot.based on my exp I prefer a flat here most of the times. Just cause it is UTG
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