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Facing large overbet all in on the turn

irwinbetirwinbet Posts: 408Subscriber
Event is the $200 RunGood w/ $50 Bounty for each player you knockout. Start w/ T$10k & 20 minute levels.
There were about 160 entries. There are 24 players remaining & 18 get paid.
SB = T$2k, BB = T$3k & there is a T$3k BB ante
Preflop: folds to hero in the CO (T$57k) w/ K J , raises to T$9k. Hero was just moved to this table a couple orbits ago & has not yet been involved in a hand.
folds to BB who calls. BB covers me. Don't know much about the BB other than he is a regular in the $2-$5 cash game, which is the biggest game in this room when it runs. When it doesn't run he plays $2-$3. I have not seem him at a $1-$3 table. I have not played with him prior to this hand.
Pot is T$23k. Flop is Q J :s: 6
Checked to hero & I decide to check back. Felt like I could have gone either way on the flop.
Turn is the 9 . BB immediately leads for T$45k, effectively putting me all in. What's your play here & why?
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