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PLO preflop vs two yahoos trying to whipsaw the table

I hate walls of text in HH, but I have to give you my full read:

Aria, I sit down at 1/2 ($5 bring in), max BI is $500 which I obv do, and I immediately cover at least 6 of the 8 others. The first two orbits, we’ve got two MABG sitting next to each other, obv here together, with less than full stacks. The one to act first is raising about 90%, and the next to act 3 bets somewhat frequently. I’ve also seen them take this bet, raise next to act line otf a couple of times. To complete the picture, they’re talking about how maybe they’ll go play 5/T at the Wynn, and all I can do is think to myself that neither of them even has a full stack in a freakin’ 1/2 game. Clown show.

Anyway, I’m in the HJ with KQJ8 sooted to the K, make it 25 over 2 limpers. V1 in SB pots to 90, V2 in BB almost snap shoves for about 230. V1 started with about 320. Against different V’s I would feel pretty icky here, but in this spot I don’t really see the point in getting away from this hand given the dynamic, despite the high-variance. On the off chance I have any FE I shove over the top, we gii 3 ways.

I'm sure with a 4 card rundown, or AKQx nut soot, this is an easy decision. But with my KQJ7 with a soot, obv vs sane V's I can dump this easy, but these two dudes.... What are your thoughts?


  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 328Subscriber
    Too thin vs dumb ranges, combined vs the times they actually have good cards. Also it almost sounds like they could possibly try to best hand you in this spot.

    Anyways, even against a "dumb" raise by V2 with some junk like AJ63dddc, you're a 52/48 favorite even when he doesn't cover your FD. It's just pure gambling here. I don't think there is any FE, FWIW.
  • High__RollaHigh__Rolla Posts: 798Subscriber
    There is basically no fold equity here versus the described V1. Someone who is opening 90% of hands is not going to miss out on playing a big pot. I think you could turn over AAJTds and he'd still call.

    With no fold equity, it just becomes a math problem. There is $35 dead already and two side pots, but let's simplify and see what sort of range they need where you will have >33% equity 3-way. If you give each a range of Top 50% of hands in propokertools, you have about 33% equity. If they are much tighter, then it becomes negative EV; much wider then positive EV.

    Regardless, it will be high variance spot with close to neutral EV, so it is really a question of whether you want to gamble. There may also be some meta-game considerations. If you gamble it up, are they more likely to stay in the game? Do you want to show down this hand so they can't put you on a nutted range next time you ship? Is there benefit to having a big stack?
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    Tx guys. It was a gamble spot no doubt, and High Rolla nailed it that there was a bit of meta game going on. I wish I had chosen a better hand to take a stand with, but they were going to whipsaw all night until they met some resistance. (Or bust out, which naturally they did, just not to me.)

    FWIW V2 (shortie) turned over T664 and V1 a raggedy AK.
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