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Trying to incorporate more bluffs.... here’s one for you

I tried to run a huge bluff last night... how was the line?
2/5 nl 1k max
I open for 20 ug1 with aqss two callers and button makes it 140 bb calls I call others fold
Button has 800 and not much info but from what I have seen he’s soft and plays his hands face up. Bb is 1k and I cover both. I saw bb stackoff with aa as a check raise on the turn to a guys set. It was played horribly.... but other than that he’s been pretty quiet.

Flop j93r
Checked around

Turn j bringing backdoor clubs

Check to me I bet 260 only bb calls. I thought if I could get through original 3b! I was good. Bb just calling I def don’t give him a j and most likely pocket pair who thinks I’m fos or a club draw.
Thoughts on the turn bet?

River is an offsuit 10

Bb checks I think for a while and bet 500 leaving him about 100. I have decent blockers and unblock clubs, he doesn’t have a j and I think it’s hard to call unless he has a monster. Also thought I can’t make this turn bet and shut down in river or I am burning money.

Any input is appreciated.

I will post result later tonight.
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