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Call off (Trapping?)

MrOMrO Posts: 159Subscriber
Cheap and Deep starting 20K chips $275 multiple day 1s

Normal MTT table, tight a lot of c betting taking it down. I need to stab more.
Blinds 200/600/1200
Hero MP AJo raise to 3000
MP+1, CO, BTN, SB,
Flop (16400) A K10 :r:
I check trying to see where I'm at/ trapping?
Co jams for 18K
I have about 48K

Should I call or no?


  • XbobloveXboblove Posts: 120Member
    edited January 2019
    You built a 3 SPR pot and the only option here is shove or fold. This flop is deceptively bad, it looks good but smashes the hands most players flat with. I could go either way here, not calling.
  • kasspavkasspav Posts: 15Subscriber
    I go allin. Would also cbet 30% pot on flop, then call his shove. Too many hands and combo draws we beat.
  • Reyno88Reyno88 Posts: 3Subscriber
    Call. He doesn’t have AK, AA or KK. Rarely does he show up,w AQ either. Price too good and still 10BB if u lose. Vs the worst possible range (AA, KK, A9su+ and A10o+) you still have 30%
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