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Should I go all in

KmurphyKmurphy Posts: 27Subscriber
Blinds are 500/1000/ BB ante 1000

I'm in the BB. Early position raises 2.5 BB, he gets one field caller. I have K9 diamonds. Both have big stacks.

Should I just push for my last 7.5 BB?
Call for 1.5BB and then push on any fair flop?

I appreciate any info... thank you


  • XbobloveXboblove Posts: 120Member
    By the book this is a push hand though given action to you, i'm really not loving the spot. I'm probably going with it in most circumstances. We only need 1 double to stay viable and given we're in the blind, folding is better than calling.
    Thanked by 1Kmurphy
  • kasspavkasspav Posts: 15Subscriber
    A stop and go move, would not be bad, but I rarely recommend it. If its a big stack that opens a lot or a player that doesnt have a sense of stack sizes and positions I push, if its a tight player, I fold, but try to find better spots earlier when you have a 10-22bbs and your fold equity is higher.
    Thanked by 1Kmurphy
  • DonnaRocheDonnaRoche Posts: 1Member
    A stop and go move
    Thanked by 1Kmurphy
  • FriendlyFishFriendlyFish Posts: 123Member
    edited February 2019
    Call and play flop. Open jam top pairs and flush draws obviously, some middle pairs on boards like 109x with bd diamonds
    Thanked by 1Kmurphy
  • rappcity15rappcity15 Posts: 40Subscriber
    pushing is bad because you 0 fold equity. Take a flop and if hit it ship it.
    Thanked by 1Kmurphy
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