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Should we overlimp pre and what should we do now on the Turn ?

MikeZMikeZ Posts: 35Subscriber
550$ buyin, Blinds 1,5/3k with BB ante
Hero was active so far and has lost half of his stack in the last two hands and has now 140k
Gets folded to the BU older guy, no real information, played only a few hands and all weak-passive
BU limps for 3k
Hero looks down at KdJs in the SB
should we fill up or is this a raise ?
as played i raise it up to 10,5k (bigger because I want to compensate the position disadvantage
BB calls, BU calls.
Flop (32k): 6sJd8s
Hero bets 15k (because we think this is a dynamic board), BB fold, BU snap calls
Turn (62k) : 5c
Hero ?
as played I x because I thought villain would x back very often and did not want to bloat the pot
BUT villain bets quickly 55k?
we have about 110k (36bb) left - no ICM considerations because we are 30 players away from the bubble
Hero ?

thanks :)


  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    Fold. Old guy weak passive - we see this player type a lot in these tourneys. (Myself at 53 years old... players may label me “old”.). You took control of the hand pre-flop and continued strong otf and show weakness for the first time on the turn. In general Old guys seem to me to be the most common player types to trap even with hands that aren’t that strong. Thus, I would range old guy to include: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AJ, 88, 66. Chance of old guy holding QJ seems unlikely. If V in hand were described as active young male pro that changes everything as such a player will pounce at the first sign of weakness. But even in that scenario it is unlikely to see such a big bet of 55k on a bluff or semi bluff. Never say never but... in my experience old guys hate hate hate having a younger man pick off their bluffs.
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