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Best River Action ? 1/2 - against assumed competent player

292YBlock292YBlock Posts: 101Subscriber
edited January 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
Table: 1/2 Harrington DE I'm a reg there - once or twice a week..session hasn't gone too well, lost 3 hands to super loose agro player, I've played with many times (somewhere between a maniac, and just a lag who enjoys the game, very nice guy - always good natured win or loose)- got money in way ahead each time ( AKs AQs, AJo - against hands like J8o - Q2s), and lost each time...so my image, at this point may be a little looser (and as a loosing player) than is normal for me. I have no history with this villain, he doubled up early and has been playing pretty steady - getting some hands, hasn't really gotten out of line. He seems known at casino, but apparently hasn't been there in a while. He is immediately to my left -

I have about 425 in front of me (in for 750) and he has me covered with 700. I'm on button, main villain is SB..two limpers. I open my standard open to 13 with 10J cc - SB calls, two limpers call.

(52) Flop = 10s 10d Qc..checks to me, I bet 20, only SB calls
(92) Turn = 8d SB xs H bets 75, V SB calls
(232) River = brick 3h..SB checks again, Hero?
, I know there are lots of hands that beat me...but I believe in not missing a value bet here, I think for a bit and decide to bet small, leaving me about half my stack, and may consider a fold if he shoves....I bet 85, a little more than 1/3 pot - SB actually thinks for a bit, says - I know you're milking me----etc., then calls and turns over K 10..

So my question is really about the river, value? bet, or should I have just checked..when I look at combos, it's pretty close..as background, I can not assume he would've 3!, JJ, QQ, maybe even KK...of course the obvious hand I loose to are A 10, K 10, Q 10 and of course J 9..which I partially block...but think most of those may raise the turn when the bd flush draw appears.


  • BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
    This seems like a bet to me. Given the action what are we worried about? Bet about 140... dont give him a reason to hero fold a weak Q.
  • BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
    looking at the spoiler i think this is an outlier. I mean he flops trips and check/calls flop turn and river? Most players will not do this. As you said at some point he woukd check raise. I would have bet biggger otr. This is just a cooler man. Don't let it bother you!
    Thanked by 1292YBlock
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