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3 way, draw heavy board, villain donk leads twice

$1-3 NLH
~$300 eff

MP (hero) opens KsQc to $15
BTN calls
BB calls

Flop ($46): KcJc2d
BB donk leads $15
I raise to $65
BTN calls
BB calls

Turn ($241): KcJc2d 9d
BB donks (again) $100

I raise the flop bc I think donk leads in general are usually weak(er) made hands or draws and the sizing seemed to support the assumption. The cold ch/call from BTN worried me a lot in the moment, but thinking about it more, it’s tough for him to be that strong, he’s probably also weighted more towards draws/pr+draw based on board texture?

The BB donk leading a second time on the turn had me completely confused. I was still concerned with the BTN (maybe more than necessary) and had a tough time narrowing BB’s hands down when I have a pretty important blocker Qc.



  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,125Administrator, LeadPro
    If there were headsup. I would definitely call the turn. There are many cards that change the river and things might get shut down. With that guy calling your flop raise on the button, though and the BB donking again on the turn, I dont think you are good here. You are going to have to fold a lot multiway..
    Thanked by 1RoundingRyan
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