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UTG range vs max pressure

MrOMrO Posts: 159Subscriber
2-100 Spread. 600 effective. I cover
Hero UTG open to 12
MP1, MP2, CO, BB call
Flop (60) 4 5 4
MP1 suck over $1000 in the game but is a decent player.

I bet 40 MP1 calls.
Turn (140) 10
I was initially thinking about check calling, but my hands sometimes have a mind of their own and bet 80.

MP1 max raises me to 180.
Q1. If you call here do you have to call river?
Pot is 400. I'm getting.g 4:1
I tank call.
River 10 :s:

Was thinking combos of 4x are low and don't think he's playing those. Don't think he has JJ+ as he would have 3 bet pre.

He bet 100 on river.
Q2. Do you call? After the raise on the turn is basically a limit game?
Q3. What part of my UTG range do you call or raise?

I'll show hand and results later.


  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    This is like a hybrid limit NL game, so in limit you arent supposed to be folding overpairs here to the last $100.. I would probably call with JJ+
  • MrOMrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    I called with 88. He was WAY stuck and later in the night I saw him take the same line with OESD to a 1 liner.
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