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1/2 Dumb-Lucky

The last hand I play in a session (save premium opportunity, I attempt to limit my sessions to time constraints) I try to make sure is -EV, so I almost always raise. Played with Villain the day before and really ruined his day. (One of my first live reads/tells I made that I snapped off. I was so proud.)

$203 eff. BTN straddle $5. SB folds. BB calls. MP1 calls. Donk/Hero raises $25 with 43o (should have made it $35). Villain in CO calls. BB calls. MP1 calls.

Pot $94 Flop Q 5 2
X, X, Hero...(thoughts?)...

bets $45, Villain calls, fold, call.

Pot $229. Turn A (Ha!)
X, Hero with $133 and 2 players to act after at Hero's action...



  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 172Subscriber
    Obviously fold pre. Once we flop an open ender on High-low-low board it’s criminal to not cbet when checked to us in position. The turn is a bad card for us because someone holding on with a Q might find a fold. We can really only get value from flush draws and 2p+. Since we only have 58% pot left in our stack, we should just put it in. We don’t want to give anyone a reverse free roll.
  • SonnySonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    First off, preflop is obviously a fold.

    The turn is a great card for us... We go from having 4 high to having the nuts. Range based tripple barrels hardly ever work in $1/2 so I'd rather have the nuts than a range advantage...
    Not only that but now the Nut Flush draw, which is an obvious call on the flop now has top pair plus the nut flush draw. AQ now has top two. Gut shots on the flop that hold an Ace now have top pair and a gut shot. If these are out there, theyre probably not folding at $1/2 unless theyre all huge nits, which I doubt. Sure, single paired Queens now might fold, but if they were still top pair and we didnt fill our draw, we still still only have 4 high, those Queens aren't folding when we bet, our only bet either way is a shove, and we just loose everything.

    Pot $230 and we have $130 left holding the nuts on a wet board? Fist pump all in.
  • MrOMrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    Should have gone all in pre.
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