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1/2 NL with OMCs

zippertonzipperton Posts: 3Subscriber
edited January 2019 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
First post here. Was on a long drive and found a poker room with a few 1/2 tables running on a Thurs afternoon so decided to take a break and play with all of the retired OMCs.

Hero $225
OMC1: $350
OMC2: $200

MP (OMC2) opens to $12 after a few limps and I look down at A 10 from the HJ and call. SB flats as well. Limpers fold.

Flop comes A 9 J :r:

OMC1 checks. OMC2 bets $20. I flat. OMC1 then raises to $60.

OMC2 tank folds and I decide to call, putting him on 2 pair.

Turn is A

OMC1 checks. I jam. OMC1 snap calls.

River is a brick deuce.

Am I good here? What would you have done on the turn?


  • XbobloveXboblove Posts: 120Member
    edited January 2019
    Probably not good at all but that doesn't change the fact you played the hand fine. If he has 2pr+ it's a bad beat and no getting away from it.
  • BTPokerBTPoker Posts: 37Subscriber
    Putting him on 2 pair on this flop makes me think you specifically put him on J9. Any other 2 pair, 99 or JJ just filled on the turn and he is trying to trap you. I can easily check this turn back and see what action he takes on the river.

  • PiggyPiggy Posts: 172Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    We are neve good here. If he is a true OMC his range is exactly AK, AJ, TT, 99. When he check-raises another OMC on the flop I’m snap folding AT. In fact, just fold pre.

    I don’t give real OMCs action except with pocket pairs (assuming we have odds to set mine) and maybe AK sometimes. There are guys where I will snap muck AQ to their opens.
    Thanked by 2Shane RogerHardy
  • JLongo12JLongo12 Posts: 49Subscriber
    An OMC raised over 2 limps and we look down at ATo? I'm folding 100%.
  • the_dude_abidesthe_dude_abides Posts: 331Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    If i don't fold pre I am definitely folding after flop CR. SOme small % of the time these guys can spaz, but in the long run you win by folding to his CR. If you call putting him on 2 pair, you don't even know if all your outs are clean, and even if the A is a clean out, it counterfits him and it'll be hard to get paid, so I wouldn't say there are significant implied odds considerations here as you also have reverse implied odds. Just fold.
    Thanked by 2CycleV RogerHardy
  • MrOMrO Posts: 159Subscriber
    The jam on the turn is WAY over playing your hand. I'm in the same boat vs an OMC A10o is a fold even if suited. Their range is AKs+ and maybe 10+, but most flat with JJ, 10, AKo. In your mind were you jamming for value or bluff?
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    yea man. ATo isnt a strong hand
  • zippertonzipperton Posts: 3Subscriber
    Yep. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    I spazzed and thought I was jamming for value.

    OMC1 turned over 99. OMC2 told me he also had ATo.
  • brian36redbrian36red Posts: 25Subscriber
    With these short stacks, on the turn you are sometimes beat, sometimes good. But again, never folding so bet $50 on turn to get value from his worse hands. Jamming only gets worse to fold and better to call. And the worse Ax hands will call $50 turn and river jam for sure. So betting small on the turn is the most efficient.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,115Administrator, LeadPro
    edited January 2019
    Fold preflop and on the flop for sure. If somehow you get here on the turn, the shove is a drastic overplay. Is a counterfeit 2 pair going to call you shove? Even though I can be wide at low stakes in position, rarely and I going to call a raise to an OMC with ATos. Bart
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    Your calling range in this spot preflop should be something like suited aces, AQo+, 22-TT, KQs. I would ditch all other Broadway cards here. You're not really deep enough to play suited connectors from this position, and when OMCs raise after multiple limps they tend to have a much stronger hand. This is why dominated Broadways can be trouble, even if villains don't maximize the value of their hand.

    But it does mean I play ALL pairs here preflop. They might not get value with their overpair/top pair hands regularly, but when we flop a set and they flop an overpair/top pair hand, but you can almost always get 113 big blinds in by the river. And, a lot of times in these situations, a hand like 77 will have value on it's own when villains fail to push us off the best hand because they are so fit-or-fold.

  • XbobloveXboblove Posts: 120Member
    I think I have a new retirement program. When I'm 75, I'm going down to where the local hot shots are playing can play call call bomb randomly. Who needs an IRA!?!? Lolz
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