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2019: Oback2

Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
edited January 2019 in Poker Goals and Challenges
Im starting this to record my thoughts going forward in 2019 and to hold myself accountable for my goals. I may try to think out loud for a couple hands a week or use it to decompress a session as well.

2019 Goals
-600 hours live
-300 hours off the table
-100 hours online

Last year I put in slightly over 700 hrs at mainly parx, but I had slightly more time to play so I’m going to shoot for 600 this year.

Hours as of January 3:
-4 hr
-2 hr

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  • KSMKSM Posts: 235Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    Good luck man! Keep us posted!
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    I don't get to play Friday afternoons/nights very often but wow what a joke and cast of characters that was

    Just ended a 10 hour annoying session against essentially 6 fish/whales and 2 lol bad regs, and the entire drive home I had to remind myself


    (I didn't book a loss but it felt like I did with the punts going around the table)

    The good news is I put in about 14 hours in January already and will likely play my usual Sunday session as well.

    As of January 5th


    a LoL wat? Hand

    We raise MP 20 78ss, Sb, Bb call

    893ccs Pot 60

    Sb donks 30, bb fold, we flat

    Kd Pot: 120

    Sb Leads 60, we raise to 180, sb Flats

    4x River,

    Sb donks 225ish, we sigh give up when we would have bluffed river
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    Amidst a normal downswing, I tend to find myself questioning wtf I’m doing with my time and just frustrated with the cast of characters that you have to deal with on a regular basis at a casino. This session was 5hrs with 8 complete recs but ended -160BB

    Only hand of note:

    Ep 25, I flat button 78dd, bb comes along

    AJdd6x. Pot 75

    Ep 40, we call, BB F

    Turn Ax pot 155

    X, we 80, call

    River 5x. Pot 315

    x, We 190, Villian calls

    To avoid being results oriented as it actually saved me money in the short term, but I believe this is a mistake. I should really size up here to polarize myself to AQ+ - I think in retrospect I should size up here to at least $240. I think it’s standard to use this combo as a bluff here, As well as my suited broadways that didn’t 3b pre - especially combos without diamonds.

    In game, I thought I couldn’t really go too large do to Villians significant range advantage, but after thinking more.. I believe it’s a mistake (especially because I can easily have the nuts) and need to bet bigger to maximize the EV with my overall range.

    Making a 10bb mistake on a river sizing does piss me off a lot.
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    Kinda annoying that you can only edit a post so many times..

    The more I think about that that hand above the more I get pissed off about the rather large mistake that it is. I should just run a pot to a small overbet there with my betting range. 1 - 1.25 pot

    Hours as of Jan 11


  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    When it was all said and done.. January was a pretty good month overall. I’d like to work in more online time though.

    -65 live hours
    -27 hours off the table
    -7 hours online

  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    February was an awesome month of poker in terms of numbers - my highest winning month ever. (9k)

    -128 Hours Live
    -34 Hours Study
    -27 Hours Online

    Posting month to month live results is pretty stupid in so many ways, but I guess I'll continue that trend - maybe towards then end of the year we can make some assumptions.

    For March, I want to continue sun running lol, and I want to get a through a lot of top section pods/other study material I have. It's time to ramp up the study time as:

    "Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity"
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  • oneuponeup Posts: 31Subscriber
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited April 2019
    Just pulled my final sesh of March. Boring ass 2/5 session really, mostly card dead and when I had good hands to run it with just didn’t get through.. that’s poker for ya.

    Thought I was gonna have a losing month for a bit but ended up pulling through.

    I really want to sit down and crush videos/training material at one point but it’s hard to find the time. Podcasts are much more conducive to my life. I’ll likely be getting a little bit more free time though which I can put into poker content like that if I choose.

    For the 3 people that read this thread I will be able to attend Vegas this year, which is cool. I’ll likely be putting in work at Wynn while staying at the westgate. See you bros soon hope the poker gods are treating you well

    Hours as of now

    -176 live
    -60 study
    -37 online
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  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited May 2019
    The finale of April was rather bleak with a 4.5k loss yesterday at a mix of 1010 / 101020 to end the month.

    Overall, I’m happy with the progression of my game. I feel like online volume is taking me to another level. I feel challenged. I enjoy the competition. I’m put in spots even by clear fish whereas you just really aren’t in the live streets. More importantly though I can see and feel in the improvements in my thought processes through the massive amount of hands - I put in about 10k hands on ignition for April.

    So for that reason I’ve decided to try to to transition to playing much more online. Ideally transition away from live 2/5 as that game is just rather boring and unchallenging to me at this point. I still to this day remember moving up to 2/5 and being nervous to play that game so it’s cool to look back at those moments at how you thought/felt about games in the past.

    Poker is launching in PA in July with many sites - so to continue learning/improving before that launch will be nice. I’m foreseeing PA games to be good for a while.

    Hours through April:

    -229. Live
    -79. Study
    -85.5. Online

  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited June 2019
    Live: 277
    Study: 89
    Online: 140

    Not much to report. Another good month. I turned 29. Looking to start wrecking online.

  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    Jesus. Oback.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,125Administrator, LeadPro
    What does "crushing online" mean?
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited June 2019
    Bart wrote: »
    What does "crushing online" mean?

    I would consider crushing around a 5bb/100 winrate at 200NL+ But I likely suck too much to be able to achieve that right now

  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    Posting this from my hotel room post Vegas trip. Shout out to all the bros that were at the meet ups. The past few days were a ton of fun. We accomplished a lot of poker hours (41) and did some partying/fun on this vegas trip. I only played Wynn 2/5 as I just wanted it to be a rather relaxing trip - occasionally drinking at the table - something that wouldn't be very wise to do at a 10$ blind game. It's also nice that I continue running like an absolute god live. I had an insane month overall in terms of dollars - my best month to date. However, online I am running in the deep abyss on ignition. Currently like 16 buy ins below Allin EV. I’m confident in my game/approach - the games are very very soft so it’s only a matter of time until it turns around.

    Live: 356
    Study: 93
    Online: 166.5
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    Abyss graph below, and Wynn Vegas results
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    Wynn results from the Vegas trip + abyss graph as well
  • KSMKSM Posts: 235Subscriber
    edited July 2019
    ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy killin it bro keep it up
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
    July update: I was away for 2 weekends this month so it was tough to get put in the time, but overall another good month.

    Live hours: 389
    Study: 101
    Online: 183.5

    We're more than halfway through the year and I am happy with the actual live and online hours. However, I really need to ramp up studying. Between sun running and just feeling many levels above typical live villains I think it has somewhat impacted my work ethic. There’s no reason why I can’t listen to a podcast or two everyday during my commutes/work day. Instead I spend time bullshitting on discord, internet, ect instead of focusing on truly getting better.

    That being said I think online volume alone may be more beneficial than studying sometimes - but as aways with poker it has to be a balance.

    AUG Goals


  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
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