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2-5 PLO - Rundown with Wrap and FD

Villain ($1300) - Probably 30-something. Mostly an unknown. Will raise decent hands preflop. Seems to play pretty straightforward postflop. Saw him overvalue bottom set in a 3-way all-in where he very easily could've been up against a higher set.

Hero ($2600) - Winning image having won a two big hands recently. Game has had lots of action in the 2 hours the table has been open. Hero has been reasonably involved so image is neutral.

Preflop - Villain limps in EP. LAG pro raises to $25 in MP. Hero calls in CO with 6h5s4h3s. BTN, BB, and EP also call. 5way action to the flop.

The LAG pro had been very aggressive preflop, raising or 3betting most hands he played. I considered 3betting here, but didn't think it would shut-out other players (table had been cold-calling 3 bets). I'd expect Villain to open or limp/rr his AAxx and other premium hands here.

Flop ($125) Ah Kh 2s. Checks to Hero who bets $100. Only Villain calls.

The LAG pro would cbet any piece of this flop. So, I decide to stab and play my disguised wrap and FD from the betting lead. I don't think Villain ever has top or middle set here based on his line preflop and the flop. 22xx is unlikely. So, his range is mostly broadway draws, FDs, and/or aces up.

Turn ($325) Ah Kh 2s 7c. Villain checks. Hero bets $300. Villain calls.

Any merit to taking a free card here? I thought I could rep stronger hands than him and fold out some of his weaker range like A2xx or AJTx, plus potentially setup a river bluff.

So, assuming Villain checks to us on the river, what is the plan for: a heart? a blank? a board pair? He will have about $900 left. Obviously, we are value betting a wheel and generally folding if he leads into us on a nut-changing card.


  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    I may be suffering from recency bias, but I feel like lately I've been in a couple of similar spots to this, played the flop as you did (betting IP when it's checked to me), and regretted it. We're not protecting our equity since we don't have a made hand, we're not getting all that many better draws to fold at a loose table (at least not for one barrel), and we run the risk of getting c/r by any of the 3 players who either are left to act or naturally checked to the raiser.

    OTR we know he doesn't have AA and can reasonably assume he doesn't have KK, so any blank I think we have to fire away. Like you said, you set it up for a triple, so I think you have to follow through. The tricky part is if a heart comes, idk if we can value bet it, and idk if we can even call if he leads, given your description of him.
  • LloydChristmasLloydChristmas Posts: 10Subscriber
    Hello All,

    I’m very new to the game so but I’ve watched a few of the plo videos.

    On a heart river- I think we can bet 1/2 pot and fold to a shove.

    Definitely 1/2 pot to 3/4 on a blank as a semi bluff to get crying call from AKhhxx

    Board pair, I may check give up

    As far as the free card ott I’m not sure, Don ding says we should be betting to get value from draws but I think I would want a better made hand (but I think I’m too nitty in plo anyway)
  • TerpHimselfTerpHimself Posts: 329Subscriber
    edited January 2019
    I discussed some aspects of this hand on yesterday's podcast @High__Rolla
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