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Ugly turn OOP with pocket kings

The ClubberThe Clubber Posts: 110Member
1/3 NL. 200 eff. Villain is running bad and possibly a little tilted. He lost one pot a few orbits a go where he had QQ and his villain flopped quads with 33. The previous hand I won a decent pot without showdown after raising pre-flop over a straddle, firing a half pot c-bet and barreling the turn.

We are 6 handed. Pre-flop I raise UTG +1 to 12 with 2 red kings. Villain flats in cutoff and button flats. Blinds fold.

Flop (40) QhTd7h. I c-bet 25 (too small I know) and villain flats. Button folds.

Turn (90) 9h.

This is probably the last card I want to see. It completes the flush and KJ. But I've also added a gutshot and a draw to the 2nd nut flush. I don't like any options.


  • AesahAesah Posts: 1,048Pro
    a good thing to consider is whether villain would raise his Qx hands on the flop, and whether villain would raise KJ or flush draws on the flop
  • SatanLovesPokerSatanLovesPoker Posts: 168Member
    I'm check/calling, if he's tilted, bluffs will be in his range, and I don't want to get bluffed off the redraw
  • marseillemarseille Posts: 400Subscriber
    Stacks are a bit short but with the small lead on flop I don't see why this isn't a clear bet/fold, say for 60? The turn may be a scare card (which works both ways, for you and for v) but it doesn't really change your equity vs reasonable range. There just seem like an awful lot of hands you should get value from here. What does checking accomplish?
  • ThatOtherJeremyThatOtherJeremy Posts: 314Member
    This is where knowing how opponents play their draws becomes so useful; here I cant see why we would let this be such a huge scare card that we would check. We are still ahead of so much of Vs range that we are still betting for value at this point. I'm not sure why we would play for pot control in such a small game when our equity is relatively huge. This is not a hand id be particularly worried about getting bluffed off of. Honestly, I just like betting 50-60% pot here. If we get shoved over I think we should always call at this depth. It is going to be long term +EV call
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