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5/10 Line check 3! Pot

f0xrf0xr Posts: 64Subscriber
edited December 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I haven't played much poker the last few months, and I feel pretty rusty right now. So line check on a hand from 5/10 last week.

$1125 effective, villain covers.

Rec player opens to 35 utg2. Hero to 100 hijack with A 5 Villain, loose fishy Asian guy, cold calls on the button. Utg2 calls.

Flop (315) K Q 7 Check, hero 150, btn calls, fold.

Turn (615) A :s: Hero check, villain 275, call.

River (1165) 5 :s:

Preflop sizing could have been a little larger. I usually go about 3x in position, but slightly more might be better.

Should this be a cbet on the flop? This board really hits my range for 3betting an EP open. And I don't have too many high equity bluffs to balance all the hands that I want to value bet. I thought this one was okay, with the bdfd, maybe close though.

On the turn, I'm thinking I should possibility be check/folding? Seems really weak, but I don't know if he has enough bluffs here, and I don't really beat his value bets. Unless he decided to bet a hand like KT, which most recs probably check back, it might be a fold even at this price.

On the river I have $600 left. Is it too thin to value bet? I feel like most of the hands I beat will check back, and the front door flush draw missed. I doubt he continues to bluff. So check/calling seems bad.

Any thoughts @KiLee


  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    @f0xr, my thoughts:

    Agree 3B pre could be slightly larger, say 3.5 - 4x or $125 - $140 from HJ.

    I like cbetting flop for the reasons you gave: H range advantage and low showdown equity.

    Turn seems like bet to me, or at least check-call as played. He has plenty of Kx and pair+draws that you beat. Fold seems way too weak.

    I’m shipping this river as half-pot bet for the reasons you gave.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Being three ways, with our opponents being a raise/caller from EP and a loose fishy guy, I don't think I love a c-bet here. You are right in that we don't have many natural bluffs in this spot, but we want to c-bet less in general three-handed. Probably not the worst bet in the world, but I usually don't fire there.

    As played, once you have cbet the flop, I suspect you should be either betting the turn, or check/folding. It seems optimistic to think villain is betting a hand worse than yours for value, or bluffing a flush draw when he can take a free card. I would probably take my range advantage heads up and fire a pretty big bet.

    On the river, I really don't think he has only busted clubs very often. I think he probably has enough AJ/AT and the NFD enough for you to bet two pair thinly.
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    A5s is sexy, but I might question your 3b here. Rec player opens 35 from early position, how are you ranging the PFR? I would reflect on your sizing as well. What is the utility of A5s and how are you using it? With a "loose fishy" Btn, it would seem you'd want to discourage his participation through sizing.

    Cbet bluffing this flop into the 3b cold caller and the PFR, who's range should be fairly strong, to me, only serves to create passive dead money.
  • SuperflySuperfly Posts: 591Subscriber
    Changed my mind about flop cbet. I think @dpbuck and @Arenzano are right. It’s optimistic to think a cbet will get thru an EP OPFR and the loose button who call your 3B pre. Should probably be checked, even though you have some range advantage and no showdown value to fall back on.
  • f0xrf0xr Posts: 64Subscriber
    I think preflop my sizing should definitely be bigger.

    Flop and turn play I'm still undecided, I just don't think I have enough better bluffs here. And I don't particularly like any of the options on the turn.

    As played
    I did jam the river. I think if the turn is a call, the river has to be a jam. After the flush draw missed, I think I have to target the pair plus straight draw hands that were betting the turn, and the AJ, AT, gutters that hit the turn.

    He tank called, and my hand was good. I didn't get to see his hand.
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