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NickEarnsNickEarns Posts: 27Subscriber
Im that young Asian kid at the casino.... however Im to talkative and friendly where I think its really hurting me in my profits... yes it makes the game more fun but, I think its effecting my overall hourly. Do any of you guys just sit on an IPAD and just watch movies with your heads phones in??

Question: Suggestion on any kind of pad? Is ipad good or should I get something like sony...


  • Jesse_The_SuitJesse_The_Suit Posts: 493Subscriber, Professional
    Why do yo think it’s hurting your profits?
  • NickEarnsNickEarns Posts: 27Subscriber
    I think, I play solid for the most part, however I'm a very talkative guy... I like to talk and meet people ask them how everyones day was... This is all find and makes a friendlier kind of game... but then I always feel guilty for winning. Which I know is a bad mentality, however I rather just zone out and just focus and not talk to people.

    I think talking to people may alter how I play...
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