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LATB commentary

nofriends333nofriends333 Posts: 887Troll
edited December 2018 in Low Content Forum
Just resubscribed to LATB and the video i watched was Nick and Andy buy in for 70k . First voice i hear is that moron garza or whatever the hell his name is with Coleen whos voice does not match her face one bit. The both of them turn my stomach especially the guy with that "wuz up xxx is in the house" Shout out to xxx blah blah . So ghetto and childlike its beyond belief . Either STFU or comment on the game in hand . You have no idea how annoying that guy is . I dont know what happened to that old guy papa martlin but the way garza would kiss his ass just cause hes a senior citizen was so infuriating "papa crushing it right now" Hes crushing nothing He stopped playing . Just hope hes not dead . . At his age he shouldnt be playing at all. Not everyone is Doyle Brunson. If they left the commentating to Bart and Ryan or even Tuchman it would be much more pleasant to listen to. Please dont ever bring that screwball Limon back or i will cancel ASAP
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