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C-bet bluffing into multiple opponents

This is a £1/£1 NLHE hand in London, UK.

Hero is in BB with £150 and solid image after 1 hour of play. 8 handed.

£3 straddle is on.

After two limpers, Hero raises to £21 in BB with QJo. Straddle calls and MP calls. Both Villains have £200 and are loose players.

Flop: 10c 5h 4c

Hero bets £30. Both Villains call.

Turn: 4s

Hero checks. Both Villains check.

River: 4h

Hero checks. Both Villains check.

MP Villain wins with Ac 3s.

In hindsight, a turn all-in (£100 into £150) was perhaps the play, but I figured one of my opponents for a ten and with the turn card not changing anything, they'd probably call; Making players fold top pair at this level being 'a fool's errand' and all that.

This is my first post. Would really appreciate your thoughts.... Thank you.


  • JLBJJLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
    Despite the results, you were right to give up after being called in two spots. No way you can expect both of them to fold on a brick turn.

    I’m not sure about the preflop play. With the straddle on, the effective stack is really cut down. I’d like it a lot more in position. Also have to know your opponents. If you know they’re not only loose preflop but loose on the flop as well, that should make you less likely to try one of these squeezes with a marginal hand. Just punish them with your value hands.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
  • Mr.SpecialMr.Special Posts: 330Subscriber
    Definitely a give up on turn and that runout. You should never get a T to fold, nor try to.

    Preflop I prefer a check as QJo is not strong enough and the straddle should weigh us more towards stronger hands as the spr becomes lower.
    Thanked by 1Steveo76
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