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Yesterday i dropped my usual 2bills playing shitty $1 $2 at Borgata which by the way i am done with for quite some time . Its either another casino or quit poker until i have bankroll and learn to play aggressive Even with that said i will probably lose even faster. After i lost i headed to the elevator garage . When i lose i dont want to acknowledge anyone just want to get in my car and drive home. Matter fact i dont even want anyone in the elevator with me PERIOD. So as i get in some elderly ass and his wife get in the same elevator and they guy asks me "is this express" I didnt answer him cause its a stupid question anyway. there is no express elevator in borgata . But i just ignored him because i dont speak when i lose . As hes getting out he looks at me and says "so what" Had no idea what he was talking about until a few seconds later when it dawned on me that he was pissed that i ignored his question and that meant so what you lost. If i had picked up on what he meant i would have cursed him out like you would not believe . You never ever hit someone when they are down. Thats a rule especially in NY and NJ. They got some crazy fuckers on the east coast that will put a blade in your eye or a bullet in your mouth if you as much as eyeball then them the wrong way after they lost money in the casino. If you want to live another day its best to just keep your mouth shut and move on Im not that type of person who engages in violence but for him to make a remark like that its obvious that the old shithead must be from out of town or another state . This guy was with his wife yet?
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  • z7z7 Posts: 225Subscriber
    Yeah. After you ignore him the first time it’s obvious you in a bad mood. Especially in a casino where you obviously could have lost a lot of money. He should’ve put 2+2 together and not pushed it more. Good job not cursing him out though, even if you didn’t cause ya didn’t realize it.
  • Oback2Oback2 Posts: 208Subscriber
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