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PLO top set, wet board, river decision

1/2/5. V has not been a nit, but not active or in any large pots that I remember in 2 hours. Frankly, same could be said of me. I have $580, V covers. Game has a couple of shortstacks gii pre or otf every now and then, but otherwise no showdowns of consequence.

V raises 15 from MP, I call on btn with KK43r, both blinds call.
Flop KQ8cc, both K and Q are clubs. Checked to me, I pot 60. Only V calls.
Turn offsuit 2, I pot 180.
River ($540) offsuit 9. V thinks for a couple of sec, shuffles his cards around, puts me all in.

1. I need him to bluff around 1/3 of the time to make this call, but with K and Q on board both clubs, his FD are somewhat reduced. But calling with just one draw ott seems light, so I put him on some kind of wrap or combo FD w SD of some sort. I block absolutely nothing.
2. I know I still think like a HE player, so the turn is in my HE mind an obvoius bet. Is it? Or of course it is and I'm overthinking it?



  • BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
    Imo the turn is an obvious bet... we have the nuts and his most likely holding is a draw, not a made hand like 2pair. The time to get value from a draw is the turn not the river.

    River card sucks... i think i lean towards a fold in this spot. Fairly easy for villain to have JT here
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