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QQ on the turn against overbet shove in Heads-Up pot from SB, Out of Position

WillHungPokerWillHungPoker Posts: 89Subscriber
This was one of the critical hands for my session yesterday at Commerce Casino. It was $5/$10 NLHE. Effective stack was $1785 and I had the villain covered.

One of the recreational players from MP open limped. The villain raised to $50 from the button. I don't have history playing with him but he is a young Euro kid that is probably playing for profit. This means he may have a wider iso-raising range than normal because he has incentive to isolate the weak player in position.

My hand was Qc Qs (black Queens) from the SB. I raised to $200. BB folds, MP limper folds, Villain from Button calls.

Pot is heads-up for $415.

Flop: Jd 3h 4h
Analysis: I expect to be ahead of my villain's range on this flop with QQ. His range consists of many Jx type hands, from J8s to AJ. His effective nuts are going to be sets like JJ, 33, and 44. He also can have some flush draws with Hearts and straight draws like 56 suited. He can have a lot pairs from 22-JJ too. Clear value bet and I want to go for the larger sizing (about 65% pot) because I expect to get called by worse very often.

I bet $250, Villain calls.

Turn: 8d, pot is now $915.
Analysis: This card gives my opponent some additional draws. If my opponent decided to float with a hand like Ad5d and 9dTd, he now has a lot of equity with this card. The only hands that this card improved would be 88 and J8s, a very small part of his overall range that called my flop c-bet.

However, he only has about $1330 remaining and if I bet, I feel that I would be turning my hands face-up. I feel my opponent can just put me on QQ-AA and only put in more money if he is ahead.

Also, if I check, I can induce a bluff from his draws and maybe get him to bet AJ for value.

I decided to check. Villain shoves all-in for $1335.

What do you think I should do?

@Kilee I would like to hear your opinion on this spot too.


  • Tmp0085Tmp0085 Posts: 21Subscriber, Professional
    I think pre flop is standard 3b to 4x OOP.
    I think flop sizing should be smaller and default to 1/3 pot cbet with range vs skilled players. If you know he is isoing wide you should be 3b a wider range as well, which I believe means we should be using a smaller sizing for our cbets.

    As played, you check to induce him to bluff his draws and value own his top pairs. Your plan works but now youre rethinking it. I dont think we should be folding here when we unblock all FDs and top pair type hands, although I somewhat discount Jx type hands from this line when you say he is a good player. How does he view you? Most recs are not checking back overpairs on the turn so he may be trying to exploit that with a large bluff.
    Youre right his pure value hands limited to 33, 44, JJ(some frequency of him 4b JJ?). But he has significantly more combos of draws. Your line doesnt look very strong and he is repping thin. I call. But Im also a station so...
    Thanked by 1hustlin
  • WillHungPokerWillHungPoker Posts: 89Subscriber
    He turned out to have J8 suited. I'm not sad though because if he could have J8s, then he can have a much wider range of bluffs and semibluffs.
  • OMGitsWormOMGitsWorm Posts: 272Subscriber, Professional
    Do you think checking the turn to allow him to bluff his draws is viable. Unless you know he will bluff if checked too at a high percent. If he has picked up up equity with a draw wouldn’t it best to just check back and see a free river given you can be doing this with over pairs? Would he just check back TPWK in position on the turn when you check to him? Knowing you have all the over pairs and will be in a gross spot if you xr the raise?

    Also something I’m trying to comes to turn with. Isn’t J8s to wide to defend against a sb 3b? My understanding is if I choose to iso a weaker player with that hand it would be the weakest part of my range so Shouldnt you pitch it in a 3b pot?

    Sorry for all the questions lol but this year I’m going to take my game to the next level
  • abouzouzabouzouz Posts: 3Subscriber, Professional
    His call with j8 as deep is terrible pf.
    Flop bet ok but less 150
    Turn 450 and call vs shove.
    As played its a snap call turn , no brainer but he can still be trapping also KK/AA that you didnt mention but if the guy starts to,call J8 s pf then he has a very large range.
    But in general he will take free cards on this spot as well as checking his Jx since he dont need much protection ; also there will be some;bad rivers for your hand to valuebetting on river and you are oop; + i wanna be 2 barreling turn some AQ AK A5s as bluffs so i bet QQ also you dont block any of his potential flush draws combos
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