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$5/$10 HU Facing River Donk Bet

deadinaditchdeadinaditch Posts: 245Subscriber
edited October 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
$5/$10 nlh HU
Villain is 60ish aggro white guy who plays back a lot and loves to show his bluffs. We had started out at a short $1/$2 table (the only game going) and were the last remaining on a quiet Sunday Night. We both agreed to continue HU $2/$5 with a mandatory straddle from the SB/Button which basically made it $5/$10. He had gotten the best of me at the full table but now he seemed a little lost despite some early comments about how much he liked HU and short handed play. He tended to limp a little too much IMO but was starting to adjust to my constant raises and 3 bets. I had just doubled off him when he slow played Jacks v. my A8 which tripped up on the turn so he might have been a little tilty despite handling it with relative grace.

In the hand in question Villain has about $500 and I have him covered with about $1200.
He lims in for $5 from the SB/UTG and I make it $30 on the BB/Button with 2 3. He Calls.
[$60] 8 8 3 :s: Villain checks and I bet $40. Call
[$140] 2 Villain checks and I bet $75. He's been floating most of my C-Bets so a double barrel is mandatory (or not?)
[$290] K Now he donks river with $175 bet. He could have a King, I'd already seen him bet 3rd pair when the river paired his 6, but that hand had been checked down so he had no reason to think he wasn't good. In this case I could easily have an Eight , a FH or just have him beat with a better King. I did raise pre-flop for what that's worth. I just don't see him value betting many non nut hands here. The king is a good scare card and I think I would have heard from him earlier if he had somehow flopped trips or better. The deuce on the turn was a blank for me but it is a blocker to a Full House.

The 3 is just a bluff catcher and I'm only getting 2.65:. Fold or call?


  • ohsnapzbrahohsnapzbrah Posts: 632Subscriber
    It kind of makes you wonder what he is calling flop and turn with. There just aren't many combos that take this line, aside from K3, 8x, maybe KcXc. But the river donk lead is almost always a sure fire sign of strength. We have so many higher pairs that play like this and 8x that I think we should fold this. We block 33 and 22, but that's still just 2 total combos. If he is playing most 8x combos, he has 64 total combos of them (65 if he limps 88). There aren't many obvious bluffs. This just seems like a fold. We're close to the bottom of our range and he can just have so many nuttish type of hands that we don't block that we can afford to let this one go.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Assuming your preflop button raising range is sufficiently ahead of his wide range for limp/calling preflop, then floating the flop, I think you can check the turn with your entire range. You're WA/WB, and unless you think he's floating you with air twice, I don't see what betting the turn accomplishes.

    As played, this seems really villain/history dependent. Unless you think he is capable of turning a zero-equity double-float into a donk-lead bluff, I think this is a fold. I'd much rather raise than call, blocking a lot of the boats.
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