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Wsop circuit stop

BeatsmeBeatsme Posts: 603Subscriber
Heading to Cherokee this November. I was wondering if any one had any experience playing the single table tournaments that they run along side the ring events. I know they have different buy ins and people do last longers for more rake free money to the prize pool. I figure these things have to be full of weak players. I know bart has discussed how these things were/are good at the wsop during the summer. Wondering if anyone could share their experiences with the circuit stops


  • betcjbetcj Posts: 2Member
    Hello there, I play at Harrah's Cherokee quite often and never miss the WSOP circuit when it's in town. They get the biggest turnout on the circuit. I typically play the cash games during this time. The 2/5 games will play like a typical 1/2 game, they are full of fish, the 1/2 game is even fishier, if you are half competent and have a pulse you will print money. I have played only a couple of sit-n-gos during the circuit. I believe the buyin is $125 with $1000 in the prize pool. Most will get in for the last longer for $20 - $50. More often $20 in my experience. They will typically chop heads up and sometimes 3 way. The structure is fast...blinds up every 15 minutes, average stack is 10BB in no time. Definitely profitable though. It's a fish fest for sure.
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