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AA facing aggression in early levels

100 tournament 20k start stack.
Hero is on the button with 18k
Level 2 200/400

Folds to hero on button A :s: A
Raise to 1100
Very loose aggressive player in SB calls B.B. folds

Flop (2600): 2 :s: 3 Q
SB check
Hero 1800
SB check raises 3600
Hero calls? (Keep V range wide I think he will continue to fire bluffs)

Turn (9800): Q :s:

SB bets 4500

Should we just fold here? I can’t think of many worse cards, and I think holding the As is bad.

I feel like 3! Flop is an over play against this V who can and will continue to shovel money in the pot with a variety of holdings, on flop I prefer just calling down most runouts. Thoughts?

Do we think the V has enough bluffs or worse value that we can call and fold to a river shove? Or should we just save the chips now if we are folding river anyways?


  • JwhooverJwhoover Posts: 20Subscriber
    Just jam over him on the flop, he calls with any queen and we double or we win 10k and more than likely he wont mess with us with marginal hands later. Like you said its early, tournaments aren’t won here by trying to squeeze out an extra 9k in chips and letting our opponents peal. Rejam him on the flop tell him to check his self when playing a pot with you, and move forward. I am more likely to slow play this hand later in a tournament than early when the value is much harder to come by.
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