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2/5 1K Eff. 76s Line Check against LOOSE passive.

hustlinhustlin Posts: 366Subscriber
edited August 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
2/5 NL. Eff 1K.
2 villains are Loose Passive. They prob call like 35% of hands. they like to call a lot in general.
Casual fishy kind of players.

Villain BTN straddle $10.
MP limps $10
Hero HJ $45 76:s:
Villains call on BTN
Limper calls$45

$140 Flop:
7 5 :s: 5

Checks to me I cbet $70
BTN calls
MP Folds.



I bet $150
Villain has a wide range on flop call. Can be flushes, gutshots, 7x, 88-JJ, 5x, etc.

$580 River:

I bet $235

Reason I bet is my image is tight and strong. Run out seemed pretty good. Villain is a can fold certain amount of hands.
Trying to get like 7x, 88-JJ, + Maybe some Qx of here by repping the K.
K hits my range pretty strong. and I think I can get some over folds from a wide range.
Also prevents me from bluff catching too against missed FD.
All this seems like O.K. merit to bet here.

Whats your guy's thoughts here. and how would u guys play this scenario.


  • StokedStoked Posts: 96Subscriber
    I think the problem is what kings can you really rep here on the river when you bet all 3 streets? I think there are very few K that can bet flop and turn A K , K Q, K J ,K T , KK? Only 7 realistic combos

    Meanwhile V by your description has probably many 5 in his range especially from the button straddle and he could have many more Kx, Qx of clubs that can run into a pair that you are trying to rep.

    If I'm V and have anything reasonable I am going to have a hard time folding many hands that are better than yours
  • FuzzypupFuzzypup Posts: 2,581Subscriber
    Yea I don't like river bluffing here. Kx Qx QQ, weak trips. His mid pairs JJ-88 are only (24) combos of his entire range. He might have floated you with AK or even AQ. Pretty much either you have his draws beat or he has a large part of his range that isn't folding.

    If the turn was a King and he hesitated and the river was the Q you might consider betting.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,125Administrator, LeadPro
    This river is definitely better to play as a check and evaluate as opposed to trying to bluff the villain off of a better hand. In my experience if the villain had Q X he is going to have a hard time folding anyway. And that really is only maybe 2-3 viable combos like QJ-Q9 (sometimes AQ but hes not folding that). He's also not folding K X on the river either.

    If these guys are loose passive and you face a bet on the river, I expect the spot to be rather polarized from V1's perspective. You are going to be looking at K Q + trip 5s or a busted flush draw. You can choose whether or not you want to call based upon a read or sizing. Why do you want to be prevented from a bluff from a missed flush draw anyway? If he has a missed flush draw is it better for you to bet or check? I don't by betting on the river to be prevent being bluffed. That doesnt make sense.

  • RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
    So +1 for choosing to play a suited connector aggressively in position.

    -1 for doing so when you're only 100BB's deep.

    I definitely prefer an over-limp here. Just play for value. As played it's not a catastrophe or anything. But I think this hand, with this SPR, is just going to put is in alot of ugly spots. I would have rather limped.

    As played that's really not a very good flop for us. We have a weak pair, junk kicker, our only draws are backdoor, and the paired board means we might be drawing almost dead already.

    I can get behind a bet on the flop for the purposes of equity protection. I'm really hoping to end the hand right there, so I would suggest something larger. $100+.

    When the Qd shows up squashing all of my backdoor prospects, I'm done with the hand.
    Thanked by 1Stoked
  • ClockClock Posts: 1,133Subscriber
    edited August 2018
    I'm fine with pre and betting flop to get value/protection, but I think I would check the turn vs described V.

    Yeah he has some FD that we can get value from, but I think we're not all that ahead vs his entire range at this point, so I don't mind giving a free card.

    If you're trying to fold out 7x or 88-JJ, I think delay double barreling a scare card like A or K is better.
    Because we're OOP, when we bet turn and he calls - we completely in the dark. He can have FD, may have run into Q, have 88-JJ or maybe even slowplaying 5x
    This leads us to a much tougher river spot in bloated pot OOP.

    I'd rather check turn and try to get a read and depending on the river decide if I delay double barrel (if I think he's capable of folding 7x or 88-JJ) or just take a SD.

    Depending on my read on V it might even better to just bluff catch and check turn and go for x/call on river.

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