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Up to date resources for NLMTT low to mid stakes strategy

filimaicafilimaica Posts: 35Subscriber
I've been away from the NLMTT game for a while and, although poker will remain a once in a while thing, when I enter events (either local $300 monthly event, or targeting satellites for regional $1,000-$3,500 events), I would refresh my knowledge base. My current reference/books are the ones Jonathan Little wrote. These days, are there newer/more updated books or other helpful links for NLMTT strategy for the described stakes? Thank you for your time.


  • RogerHardyRogerHardy Posts: 794Subscriber
    Have you read or subscribed to any of Alex Fitzgerald's content? Good stuff. Leans a bit more to online play, but plenty of good material. Subscribe to his free podcast; then subscribe to his free newsletter. He sends out tips every couple of days, the podcast is once a week, and he does free previews of some of his products. You can probably find some free stuff on youtube. If you like him, then you can buy some of his products (which he puts on sale every now and then).

    His book The Myth of Poker Talent is incredibly detailed. Focuses mostly on online play, but I think there is plenty of material in there that could apply to live MTT.
  • whoisjoebwhoisjoeb Posts: 61Subscriber
    @JonathanLittle has a bunch of content right on this site that is worthy of watching. If you read his secrets of professional tournament poker series all that content is still relevant. The Alexander Fitzgerald book mentioned above is good, but is heavily geared to online play as much of the plays are derived from having a HUD and stats on your player, but his Blind play is totally worth it and applicable to live MTT's.

    So here is my current training/study philosophy. Everything on this is gold for playing No limit poker in general, just because it focuses on cash games it still applicable in these MTT's especially at the early levels. So if you learn the concepts that Bart teaches for cash and then adjust them based on the effective stack sizes and tournament principles that JL teaches you should do well.
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