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3 hands from the Main Event Day 2 that ended me (new hand at end)

Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
edited July 2018 in Tournament Discussion
3 hands from the Main Event..

Hand 1 and Hand 2 vs same villain. Antonio Esfandari’s wife. I assume that she has been coached by Rast and Antonio. This is the first time I have seen her play a big time event. Rest of the table seems decent, I have by far the most lifetime tourney success than anyone.

HAND 1: Start of Day 2 and I have 66k at 300-600-100. I open 9 9 to 1500, UTG1 (75k), Mp1 (80k) and button (50k) call, V1 in BB moves in for 12k. Hero?

HAND 2: UTG1 (75k) opens to 1300, V1 on button (30.9k) calls, sb (50k) calls. I have Q Q :s: and 3 bet to 7500 from BB. UTG1 tanks for a while and calls. Button back ships all in. SB folds. Pot is 48100, 23400 to call. Just over 2-1 or about 32.7% equity needed.

HAND 3: At 300-600-100 UTG (75k) to $1300 2 calls in field, MP1 (50k) HJ (55k) I (21.3k) call???? CO A :s: 3 :s:

FLOP: T :s: 6 7 :s:

Checked to me I bet 3500???? into 7700, sb to 10,500 all fold to me. 21,700, 7k for me to call. I call?????

TURN: 3. he bets all-in pot is 38.2k 9.5k for me to call..


  • fishcakefishcake Posts: 1,002Subscriber
    Both hands seem like very straightforward calls to me. The first hand if anyone backraises I'd fold.
  • MasonIsAClownMasonIsAClown Posts: 102Subscriber, Professional
    If you told me I had to fold one of these hands for whatever reason, I’d fold the first one. But definitely calling both.
  • brickbrick Posts: 129Subscriber
    I'd be shipping both AI but maybe that is a spew in a tournament? I'm sure that would be correct in a live game. In hand 1 you can have a strong hand due to your UTG raise and JJ, TT , KQ, will all likely fold.

    In hand 2, unless button is super tricky you rate to have the best hand. Pushing there seems right because UTG had his chance to reraise. You have been agro at every action.
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Hand 1 I'll call. She should have a pretty wide range. If someone backships, I'd puke/fold. I think you're too deep to shove, and too strong to fold.

    In hand 2, I'm also getting it in. I wouldn't suspect villain to flat a big pair against an EP raiser on the button. You're getting the right odds against KK/AA/AK, and I'd suspect she's even wider than that.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    New hand added to OP
  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    In hand 3, just to confirm, your stack size is roughly 20K?

    Maybe I'm a big nit, but unless I know the players behind me rarely squeeze, I might fold preflop. There's this cascade of calling going on, and I'd worry about getting squeezed behind. And even if we don't get squeezed, we're up against a UTG open in a multiway pot.

    As played, I do like the flop bet to try and fold out other ace-highs, but I think you can size smaller. I might bet 2K or something like that. Should accomplish the same thing as 3500.

    After that, I think the hand plays itself. Next time bink your spade.
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    Sorry started hand with 21.3k or about 35bbs. Seems a bit nitty to just fold preflop, no? I mean in CO with A3s with like 8bbs in dead money? But you are not the first to say that @dpbuck .. In fact I have hear people argue for all 3 actions preflop.
  • whoisjoebwhoisjoeb Posts: 61Subscriber
    Hand 1: BB squeezes into a EP raise and multiple field callers. Assuming she is competent, do you think she thinks that she can get a weak hand through. I’m folding here and honestly it’s not that close. Obviously there is probably some AK in her range but not enough, add in the chance that someone might reship behind you makes it a fold for me.

    Hand 2: I think we can flat from the BB here and take a flop. As played I view this slightly differently. Yes I think we’re getting a price to continue, but it’s so close. Since you’re one of the better players I feel you can fold here and find a better spot.

    Hand 3: I’m torn here, I think betting or checking can be right. I like just checking because if I get check raised I’m going to be forced to make a tough decision, but if you feel like you can get it through then go for it. I don’t think the sizing is wrong, but I think we have to fold to the c/r. I feel calling here just commits me to seeing this though.

  • JonathanLittleJonathanLittle Posts: 19Pro
    Hand 1: Not knowing anything about the callers or Antonio's wife, I would tend to fold. If the first caller is good, he should be trapping with AA and KK some portion of the time. So, if you decide to continue, you should call instead of 4-bet. While this may look like a decent squeeze opportunity to some, pushing into multiple strong ranges is not a good idea. You will be able to figure out over time how often Antonio's wife is pushing. If it is a lot, you can be more inclined to call in the future and if it is infrequently, you can fold more.

    Hand 2: I would get all-in. You are certainly not thrilled about it, but I think the price is too good. Also, given this somewhat similar situation has occurred twice in a short period of time, you can start to assume she shoves in these spots more than most.

    Hand 3: You can either bet or check the flop, depending on how often you expect to get raised. If you think you are unlikely to get raised, betting is quite good, but getting raised is quite bad. Assuming you bet, I think calling the raise is the only viable option, especially if you know the opponent will blast all-in on most turns. As played, you can fold the turn unless for some reason you think his range is extremely draw-heavy. That said, I found that most players were not too inclined to play their draws aggressively, making a fold the play I would make.
    Thanked by 1CajunDragon
  • Bart HansonBart Hanson Posts: 6,109Administrator, LeadPro
    edited July 2018

    What about preflop in Hand 3?

  • JonathanLittleJonathanLittle Posts: 19Pro
    I am fine with the preflop call in position to try to flop well.
  • proper3betproper3bet Posts: 2Subscriber
    Hand 1, i like to iso, it sucks because shes doing this with a narrow range and opening from ep your hand should look stronger. However, if they have taught her anything, shes really only worried about your hand. Flipping weeeeee.
    Hand 2. Interesting, sucks QQ is premium. He can definitely have AA or KK here, but he can also have TT and JJ, sometimes AK AQ. Shipping
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