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KK vs very narrow range, tricky run out

GueroTaqueroGueroTaquero Posts: 8Subscriber
edited July 2018 in Tournament Discussion
Mid-stakes 4-table tournament in card club, 19 players remain, Hero and Villain are two top-5 stacks.

Hero opens UTG+1 to 5bb with KK
Folds to SB who 3-bets to 15bb.
250bb effective

SB has a near-zero 3-bet range, the type who would need TT+/AKs to consider it. I've seen him fold JJ preflop to a 4-bet in the past. Needs a good flop to build a big pot. Have seen him play for years like this.

With these considerations, I arrived at a mental sticking point that happened on every street. I didn't have a clear get-called-by-worse/get-better-to-fold bet.

I thought he'd fold out TT and sometimes JJ to a 4-bet, probably call with QQ and shove only AA. (I discounted AK because of blockers) Should I 4-bet here or let him see a flop, hope it's low and build the pot from there?

I flat and the board comes Q-5-2 rainbow

SB leads for 20bb


Here I thought i was either way ahead/way behind again. I'm now beat by QQ and AA and a raise here would fold out TT/JJ. (He wouldn't 3-bet AQ pre)

I flat, turn comes a Jack

He checks after a good few seconds of thought.


At this point the only hand I can find that I beat is TT. I reckon he would call with AA, fold TT and check-raise QQ/JJ.

Should I be trying to make this pot bigger?
Should I bet for equity protection?
Should I think about turning KK into a bluff to pressure AA over 2 streets?

I checked back after failing to find a reason to bet

River T
Board Q-2-5-J-T

Villain checks again


At this point i think i'm just beat and check back.

IS there a value bet here?
Should I consider representing AK with an overbet to fold out better?
he had TT and won with a rivered set


  • RagingOwlRagingOwl Posts: 172Member
    I don't have much to say about the hand. I'm not the person to give tournament advice. But I don't think you're ranging villain correctly

    This is actually a more broad criticism about the entire forum here, not just this poster or this hand. The entire time I've been here I've seen an inordinate amount of people saying stuff like "I discounted AK because of blockers". It's a little too much folks. Like in this hand, yes you block AK, but there are still more AK combos than any of the pocket pairs your're considering. It's literally the most prominent hand in V's range and you're choosing to ignore it completely.
  • MonstergoyMonstergoy Posts: 4Subscriber
    From your description of villain, he only has AA here.
    He's an absolute nit, and is scared that you all of the Broadway sets and possibly AK. KK is never good here. If you think he can fold AA then you should be turning your hand into a bluff here.
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