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1-3, overbet on turn

JLBJJLBJ Posts: 172Subscriber
I open J J in MP, button and both blinds call.

J :s: 9 :s: 5 :s:

I bet 30 into 45, only button calls.

Turn 3

Pot is $105. Button (a rec player, but no other history) has 240 left and I cover. My default would be to bet 60 or 70 and continue getting value from two pairs, smaller sets and naked ace of spades.

In the moment, I decided to overbet 140, thinking that I’m never folding anyway if he has a flush and jams. (If anyone thinks I should bet 70 and fold if he jams 170 more, let me know.) And I didn’t think two pairs or smaller sets or a pair with the ace of spades would fold on the turn even if they suspect I have a flush.



  • PNW_ChrisPNW_Chris Posts: 31Subscriber
    I'm not a huge fan of the over-bet here. Most of the time, with that sizing, I think you are going to force someone to make better decisions against you. You've got all two pairs drawing dead, and are a 4 to 1 favorite against the A :s:. If he has a flush, you are a 3 to 1 dog. You are also 70-30 favorite a to very stubborn straight draw with a spade in it.

    I prefer the $80 to $100 bet because I think it keeps all his A :s:, two pairs, and straight draws calling. If the villain shoves over the top, I'm just calling because you'll be getting 2.5 to 2-1 on your money, with enough live spazz factor that the call is profitable. If your opponent does have two pair, you're nicely set up for a river shove on a non-spade river.

    If your game has folks calling the over-bet with just the A :s:, I think it is fine. But that would just push out most rec players in my game.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • CycleVCycleV Posts: 1,196Subscriber
    The place for the overbet is the flop, where he can call pretty wide with just a single high spade.
  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    i dont lie it only because u have been the agressor the whole way so u already repping an overpair here. if guys are really bad i like it if they calling with a naked spade but now a days rare to see guys do that without the A
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