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Understanding bb/100

Been playing poker for years but just starting to track results after each session: buy in, hours, profit, blind levels. Then I'll track bb/100 and bb/hour.

But mis-typed a number which errently turned my profit into a loss and ran into an interesting scenario:
- I'm at a loss in terms of profit
- But my bb/100 is still positive

Thought I had a formula error in my bb/100:
Hands dealt: 764
bb won on a session-by-session adding basis (e.g. session 1 won 55, s2 won 175, etc.): 66
Profit/loss: -$1206


But then if you played in this scenario, maybe that positive BB negative return can exist?
- play 2/5 and win $10,000 = 2,000 bb won
- play 5/10 and lose $11,000 = -1,100 bb won

Which would also translate into a positive bb/100 and bb/hour with a negative overall return.

I have most sessions at 10/20 but played 2 sessions in another currency and other level, one with a huge win. So thought maybe that's the problem -- but figuring out bb won per session should normalize levels/currency, no?

Just want to confirm formula and data isn't wrong somewhere ...


  • Fletch23Fletch23 Posts: 115Subscriber
    You can definitely have overall profits in dollars that are the opposite of your winnings in BB terms, because of different levels, as you suggested.

    However, I would think your BB/HR and BB/100 should be the same, unless you are playing games with dramatically different rates of hands per hour.

    Personally, I wouldn’t worry so much about BB/100 at live poker. It’s more of a thing with online poker because of multitabling, so hourly rate is less instructive.

    In real life, where you can only play one table at a time and you are spending real hours of your life at a poker table, just use hours. IMO.
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