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54 BBs with JJ

AceSleevesAceSleeves Posts: 104Subscriber
edited May 2018 in Tournament Discussion
7 hours in, pretty card dead lately but hanging in. Effective stack 108k (me) at 200-1k-2k. I open JJ in ep to 8k over 1 limper, aggressive player in SB who has been running over the table 3bets to 31k, folds to me, I jam 108k. Is this a spew? Better to flat? Standard jam?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    Seems a little deep to jam, I think. You're deep enough to call. Likely not folding an undercard board, though.
  • AceSleevesAceSleeves Posts: 104Subscriber
    789r flop (I was doomed!). Should mention 87 players left of 203. 30 make the money, $25k for 1st place.
  • bigsixy26bigsixy26 Posts: 7Subscriber
    Having position on a player that likes to fire away is something you want. I wouldn't blow him out too quickly.
  • AceSleevesAceSleeves Posts: 104Subscriber
    Call pf, call off on that flop is better. Got it.
  • alambic49alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    Definitely call pf. Then raise jam on this flop. Probably calling Kxx and Qxx board.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    I think its a fold versus call spot. SB really three bets hard here, almost 4x your bet. I would fold pre-flop unless I had seen SB 3 bet hard too often in the past. This hand is a tough spot and hard hand to play. If you fold you still have 50 BB. Why play such a tough hand for so many chips with JJ at this point in the tourney? Be patient and wait for a better spot. Short stacks at the table with be shoving 12 BB with any two face cards in the next hand.
  • MonstergoyMonstergoy Posts: 4Subscriber
    I think of all the advice you got in this thread the guy directly on top of me give you the absolute worst.
    Thanked by 1AceSleeves
  • betgobetgo Posts: 35Subscriber
    If you flat, you have a pot sized bet left. I am not sure flatting is better than pushing or folding. This guy 3b big to commit you. You showed some strength raising a limper and he 3b OOP. I doubt he is bluffing here. Question is more whether he has TT/AQ/AK enough as opposed to higher pps. He should 3b smaller to induce a call or shove with QQ+, but some live players may not think that way.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    Monst that’s a bit harsh! Not just the worst but - “Absolute worst”. Ha! One thing I can assure you about my opinion is that it is sincere. It’s easy to say fold JJ here in an on line forum. I understand that to do so in this tourney would be tough. I stand behind my opinion four months later. The true problem here is that it’s a clear mistake to four bet jam pre with JJ. So, then which of the two options fold/call is best? I hate hate hate to call here with JJ. A flat call basically turns my hand face up. If I flat pre and we go to the flop, I then have just over a pot sized bet and I will likely be facing a flop bet where I would need to fold or shove. I started the hand with 54 BB and if I fold I still have 50 BB. Monst why is a fold so bad here? I play an aggressive game but I like to pick spots.
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