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TT in late stage.

go8l1ngo8l1n Posts: 4Subscriber
Hi, so I recently played this £90+10 tournament and I had a hand (at least one) where I didn't really know what to do.

We have 8 players at the table and I am at UTG+1 villain is on Button. Villain is quite regular LAG who likes to play his draws quite aggressively.

There are 16 players left (10 players get paid) and blinds are 3 000/6 000 with antes 500. We both have similar stacks, around 150k close to average stack.

So UTG folds I look at T T and open to 15k, action folds to Button who 3bets to 42k. Now I'm not completely sure what to do in this situation, I reckon his 3bet range would be about 99+, AJ+, suited broadways. I decide to call so pot is now 97k and we both have about 110k left behind.

Flop comes 9 7 4 :s:

I check, villain bets 45k. I don't think that I can fold this hand on this flop so I move all in. Question is more considering pre-flop, since I don't think that we ever folding TT on this flop. Would you go all in or fold pre-flop with 25BB?


  • dpbuckdpbuck Posts: 2,060Subscriber
    I'm probably 3bet jamming TT 25 BBs deep and not losing any sleep over it.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • bigsixy26bigsixy26 Posts: 7Subscriber
    If you put him on that exact range, then you only crush one hand - 99. Everything else is a flip or has your crushed. Folding preflop may sound bad but playing this out of position is tough given the odds at least one over card is coming. I do agree that a preflop shove is a better option than just the call.
  • alambic49alambic49 Posts: 87Subscriber
    Is the perceived range accurate though? No 3bet light from Vilain ever? A5s for example? Or 87s?

    Considering it is possible, I would 4bet jam PF.
    Thanked by 1CycleV
  • Jack7777Jack7777 Posts: 655Subscriber
    Jam pre. The hard part is being oop, You just have to make the right play and forget about it. If you do that every time, you win.
  • Fletch23Fletch23 Posts: 115Subscriber
    This is really read dependent. At this stage in a tourney, a lot of people 3B light just expecting to take it down right there. Has he done that before? Has he seen you fold to a 3B before? All of that will help you determine his range.

    If his history and image are such that there’s a good chance he’s 3B light, Id just shove with your stack size.

    If he’s hasn’t been 3B much, then his range is a lot tighter. You can fold.

    You can’t call with this stack size IMO, not OOP.
  • SUYAPASUYAPA Posts: 87Subscriber
    Against a lag player 3betting otb i 4b jam this all day long.
    The mistake in the hand is your call pre. With your stack its either jam or fold.
  • JustfourfunJustfourfun Posts: 200Subscriber
    It seems as though you realized the upside of flatting pre when V bets 45K at you otf. So you definitely shove otf. By flatting pre you gave V the chance to C bet possibly with air otf. Despite the fact that your preflop flat worked out best for you in this hand - I would likely expand V’s 3! Range preflop significantly and shove pre-flop.
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