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Raise pot on turn and fold river

This is about my 4th session playing live PLO. Playing 1/3 and the play is loose passive and straight forward. Most pots are limped. I over limp on the button with QsQh5c3c. I think there were 7 players to the flop. The flop is Ks6d4h and is checked around. The turn is a Qd. 2nd position bets out for 15, 3rd position calls and it is folded to me. I bet pot, which the dealer says is 66. The blinds and UTG fold and the two players in the hand call. I thought it was very unlikely anyone had KK based on the action on all streets, so my 2nd nuts was ahead and could improve. I had position and intended to fold if bet into largish if a diamond, A, J, T, or 9 hit, which of course was a large portion of the deck. The river was a 9s, 2nd position checked, and 3rd position bet out 150. I started with about 250, and the others had at least 400. Both players folded and he took the pot. I was a little concerned that he had sun glasses and appeared to maybe be a reg, but I didn't see big bluffs much in that game. Was this the correct approach.


  • mug15mug15 Posts: 11Subscriber
    edited May 2018
    A reg can easily bluff the scare card with only you behind. It's an on-the-spot decision but I'm inclined to make a crying call with 3rd nuts
  • chilidogchilidog Posts: 2,427Subscriber
    The enter key is your friend
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