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3/5 tough turn decision

poseidonposeidon Posts: 88Subscriber
edited May 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion
I was going to post this hand on my sick hands thread:

but I changed my mind and posted here instead.

So game is live 3/5 with $500 max bet

This is the 2nd time in 2 days I take a shot at 3/5 from my regular 1/3.

The game is a little bit bigger than what I'm used to so I've been playing tight.

Out of 9 players, I would say 6 players are thinking regulars including me.

Hero's stack $475
V's stack $1,100

V is an Asian guy, a dealer at another casino. $3/5 regular at my casino.

One limp from MP, V on the button over limps

Hero on the SB looks at 10 10 and raises to $35.

BB folds, MP limper calls, V calls, 3 ways to the flop:

6 7 8 :s: ($110)

Hero bets $90

MP folds, V calls. Heads up to the turn:

8 ($290)

If I bet, I get punished by trips, straights, flushes.

So I check.

V bets $200. I have $350 behind.

Check/fold, is very nitty.

Check/call, what do I do with $150 on the river?

Check/Jam all in?


  • DrSpaceDrSpace Posts: 716Subscriber
    Your large lead on the flop creates a strong calling range that gets there on the turn. Should be an easy fold in most situations.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
  • StonewalledStonewalled Posts: 480Subscriber
    Kind of an awkward spot due to stack sizes. I’m torn between all the pukey options here, but I’d probably check/call, and check/fold most rivers.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
  • StonewalledStonewalled Posts: 480Subscriber
    Bet/fold turn is also another option, maybe with a $130 bet. Again, not happy about it, but might define things even better.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
  • AcidhaussAcidhauss Posts: 291Subscriber
    3 way OOP I would check although with the SPR its close; its a very medium strength hand and will become a bluffcatcher on virtually every run out. 200BB effective think its a clear mistake when youre bloating the pot OOP for them to steal later.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
  • ArenzanoArenzano Posts: 1,464Subscriber
    Your range is entirely made up of over pairs and big Ax Kx holdings. This flop is more likely to connect with the MP and Btn limp/calling range. For that reason, and the fact you have a medium strength hand with decent equity, checking this flop doesn’t give up too much value. You can expect high continuance on almost all cbet sizes which makes it difficult to protect your hand.

    As far as the turn, your stack has been leveraged and there no good options.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
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