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Advise on moving to 3/5 from 1/3

poseidonposeidon Posts: 88Subscriber
edited May 2018 in NLHE Strategy Discussion

I have been playing 1/3 at my local casino with a good result. I have 20 x100 bb buy ins for 3/5 so I thought I take a shot at it.

But in the last 2 sessions I lost 3 buy ins on ridiculous runouts.

AK, someone slow played AA, and flop was AKx
Top set, someone won with runner2 nut flush
Flop nut straight, quads on the turn....
2 pair vs set on the flop

What is going on? I play nitty on 3/5 so maybe it's easy to play against me?

Does anyone have similar experience when you just lose a bunch when trying to move up?


  • StonewalledStonewalled Posts: 480Subscriber
    Those seem like coolers, so I wouldn’t worry about it. The main consideration to moving up is whether you are adequately bankrolled. 20 buy ins isn’t a ton, but then again I don’t know your financial situation to otherwise replenish your bankroll if it gets too low. If you have no source to replenish, I probably wouldn’t dip below 15 before going back down, and even that’s pushing it because swings can be big. Frankly, think of the biggest swing you can reasonably imagine, and it’s likeky to be bigger than that. So, if poker is your livelihood and you have no good way to replenish, be conservative. If you can afford to replenish and you feel good about how you compare to other players, then move up.
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  • neverlearn2neverlearn2 Posts: 2,862Subscriber
    only difference here is bank roll and now you might see a guy who is really good more often. GL.
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  • brickbrick Posts: 129Subscriber
    Moving up is tough. Your experience is not that uncommon. I know it's happened to me a few times! Plus even when you "make it" and build a larger bankroll there will be larger games out there ... (even if only when you are traveling). So this kind of challenge doesn't go away.
    Do you believe you have a solid edge in the 3/5? Lots of bad players?

    If your edge is lower the variance will be greater.
    Thanked by 1poseidon
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