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Best way to play flopped nutted hands on bad runouts?

Hey guys, I've been involved in some interesting hands over my past few sessions that have brought some questions to light. Most of these have involved flopping nutted hands and getting serious flop action, and then having runouts where I feel like I cannot get value from any worse hands.
Some points to consider in the following hands:
I play almost exclusively live local 1-2, 1-3, and 2-5, which are uncapped and often play bigger and more splashy than in a casino. Some of these people tend to limp-call up to $20-25 preflop with junk or hands that are easily dominated like 46suited, AJo, etc. There are few if any players at these games that are even somewhat competent and well-studied in hand-reading or higher-level concepts. I can run large bluffs in the right spots (which my opponenets have seen) and my image gets me paid more than I should. I generally get big money in with the goods against these fish.

So, here is a hand I played at a 2-5 cash game on my trip to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL last week.

Table full of mostly FL rec players, a couple older guys on vacation, no young, European-looking pros. Very weak-passive overall. 9 handed. I am the effective stack (~$600).

I limp 4♠️5♠️ UTG. This is my first time limping at this table. Non-aggro table that tended to over-limp, or call a raise up to $20, so I figured keeping this hand at a high SPR could be fine. There were a couple short stacks that would likely call a raise and I'd be OOP 5 ways with an effective SPR of 1.5-3. I could get behind a fold or raise, too, given these dynamics. 2 calls behind (no one less than $400) and MAWG on vacation on button makes it $20. I call. Limpers call.

4 ways to a flop.

Flop($87): 2♠️3♥️6♣️

I check. MP checks. CO(older, FL native, limp-caller, covers me) bets $50. OTB folds. I expect CO to have a lot of middling overpairs (77-99) and sets here. I make it $140 to go. MP folds. CO takes 30 sec and calls.

Turn($367): 2♦️

I have about $440 left behind

I decide to check. Should I pretty much always be betting or checking with my straights here? I really thought V was set-heavy betting that much into PFR on flop, really think this is a bad turn card for us.

I check. Villain makes a surprised facial gesture and quickly checks behind.

River($367): 7♥️

I bet $145. Villain tanks for over 5 minutes. People at table start calling for a floor. He makes it $450 and I fold.

Is my turn check good there? Maybe I squeeze value from (77-99) on river. Maybe I keep pot under control and can bet $150 plannnig to fold on river. Or does it turn my flopped straight too face-up? I think it looks exactly like I have a straight, but I don't know if these people competent enough at the lower levels to pick up on that. If I am never taking this line with a boat/quads, is my line too exploitable and I can get bullied off of these rivers by thinking opponenents? These people are never folding 45 in my spot so I can't imagine they think I'm folding a straight...I think all they see is their hole cards. I don't think the villain in this hand is ever bluffing.

Hand #2. Local 1-3 game. Uncapped, stacks ranging from $300-2.5k. Straddles up to $15 common. I am sitting with about $400.

Straddle for $7 OTB. Fold to me in LJ with A♠️A♣️. I make it $17. Avg open in non-straddled hands around $10-15. People tend to play tighter against raises in straddled hands; I would hate to make it $20 and have everyone fold here.

Tighter MAWG to my immediate left calls. Button calls $10 more.



I check (planning to XR to maximize value against pair+flush or straight draw, two pair, etc.)

HJ bets $25. OTB folds. I make it $60. HJ calls.

Turn($294): 6♠️

I check, with about $325 remaining. Again, what do you think about this check? Looking back, I think I like a smaller bet (maybe around $100) with A♠️ in my hand. I just felt like Villain either had a flush or a flopped 2 pair that would now fold. So, either way-ahead or way-behind, I elected to check. HJ checks behind.

River($294): J♦️

At this point, I think villain has a lot of boats with QJ/AJ. If he has a weak ace he'll check behind. I think a check-raise just looks too strong, and I want max value. Not scared of JJ, if he checked turn and rivered quads, all the power to him.
I open rip for $325 and villain turns over Q♣️J ♣️ and calls.
The river shove was aggressive, but against villain's range of many lower boats, I think I maximize value.

I'd love to get some feedback on my lines, especially my turn decisions upon facing bad cards.
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