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turn raise from tight player in position

$2/$5 at Winstar 100bb cap
V1 seems to be a solid player sitting with about $900
V2 is probably the tightest player at the table with a tight range, sitting with about $600
hero is probably seen as balanced sitting with $450

V1 from MP3 makes it $20
Hero from hijack calls with Q:d J:d
V2 from button calls
2 other callers for $100 pot

Q:c 5:s T:d
V1 bets $40
Hero call
V2 calls
others fold

V1 bets $75
Hero call
V2 makes it $265
V1 says he thought he had it locked up and tank folds

There's very little doubt V2 has the nut straight.


  • kansaisuprakansaisupra Posts: 25Subscriber
  • fozbofozbo Posts: 144Subscriber
    edited April 2018
    Call and shove diamonds and A rivers, you get the right price, he's probably never folding river when u get there, plus royal draw? It's coming for sure
  • SonnySonny Posts: 390Subscriber
    edited April 2018
    I don't think V2 has the nut straight, but he probably has J9 which is what I assume you ment. I don't know if a tight player is overcalling with a gutshot. Possible, just depends how tight he is. If he has J9, the price you're getting is very very close to being neutral, but is still a few % away from being directly profitable. If he has AJ you're not getting the right price at all. Obviously you are looking to justify making the call do to the implied odds, but its debateable whether or not you'll get paid if you make your hand. An Ace is just a chop, if he already has the straight. A 9 could be a disaster if he did call with the gutshot to the nuts on got there on the turn. If he has a set or two pair, you might not get paid from a tight player with a one liner on the board, even though it's so little money behind. I do think you may get paid off if you make your flush though. I think even a tight player knows that a diamond is a good card for someone to bluff and you may get called with his made straight when you jam.
    I think this one could probably go either way. If I 100% put him on the nut straight, I'd fold. I think I would probably fold anyway and look for a better spot. Calling does have its merrits espically in a 100BB cap game, if you do make your hand you can now put pressure on the table for the rest of your session with your big stack.
  • ds2uaredds2uared Posts: 464Subscriber
    edited April 2018

    If you're sitting with 90BB, it seems like an uncomfortable spot to flat an open against a solid player. Additionally, with 4 people left to act behind you, there is not only a threat of a 3-bet but your SPR changes a bit, too.

    Maybe I'm nitty, but I actually might fold this hand preflop in this particular spot. :/

    On the flop, I personally might raise/fold here. Even though V1 is leading into 5 people, his sizing is also small, and his bet comes after 2 checks and he still has the lead. At 5/5, this is almost always going to mean weak top pair, middle pair, or a draw. I would make it 150.

    If he calls, his hand is almost always better than yours, but you're almost always going to get to see the river for free. You also have 3 to a straight, so a free river card can be valuable, especially since you're unlikely to get any extra money with a 1 card straight if it does come through.

    Obviously fold to a jam.

    On the turn this is really an awkward spot. Getting 4 to 1 on a call, but the K hits V2's range super duper hard. I honestly don't know. I think I call/fold most of the time in this action.

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